A drunken DJ strikes again

May 10, 2016 by Michael Cordeiro

Every so often a video pops up showcasing a member of our industry doing something totally stupid at an event. Remember the Phil Collins booby drummer video? That is still getting hits on YouTube six years later. Thanks to the good ol’ interweb our mistakes live on forever. One would think that with the proliferation social media and video apps along with the gratuitous filming of every little thing, DJ’s in particular would watch their behavior at an event.
Not so much. Recently in New England (in my neck of the woods) a wedding DJ got so drunk that he forgot how to use his equipment. The videographer shot the whole incident and put it up on YouTube. A few weeks later the video was taken down. I was able to see the footage and it was alarming. Let’s just say the story doesn’t end well and I’m sure there are a few more chapters to be written.
Here’s the short of it. The DJ is playing a set and the music stops. He can’t seem to get it going again. Two guests approach and try to help him. The DJ gets a little aggravated, but the music starts up again. Two minutes later he is at the bar getting another drink. A guest comes over and tells him to stop. The DJ doesn’t like that comment and pushes the guest. The guest tosses his drink on the DJ, who in turn throws a beer bottle at the guest. The DJ then goes over and turns off the music. Oh, did I mention this is a wedding?
A few guests come over and start arguing with him. A lady grabs the mic and tries to talk into it. The DJ starts arguing and yelling “I’m not drunk” in his best drunk voice. A little pushing, a little shoving and then some guests try to protect him. Too late. A fight breaks out with the DJ swinging at guests and the cops come in. The DJ is escorted out to the hall way where he argues with the police. He shoves officer #1 and officer #2 knocks him out. A minute later the drunken DJ is sitting on the floor handcuffed.
The video footage is pretty convincing. I’m not surprised the DJ Company asked the videographer to take it down. I’m sure the client will be using a copy to get compensation. These incidents make our whole industry look bad. As a multi –op owner I have a strict policy of no alcohol consumption at any event. We use facades to make sure guests do not place their drinks on our table either. Having empty glasses and bottles on or around your set up looks bad. Believe this, drinking and smoking at any event will give guests a negative opinion about you and your company. Don’t be the next guy to end up in a DJ disaster video.

No matter how many rounds you go. The client always wins.

No matter how rounds you go. The client always wins.

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Mike Cordeiro is the owner of M.C. Entertainment. A small RI multi-op. Mike got his start in the entertainment field while stationed in Frankfurt Germany in 1990. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Entertainment & Event Management from Johnson & Wales University and has appeared on TLC’s Four Weddings, hosted an episode of Toddler’s & Tiaras, and does background acting for movies.

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