A DJ’s Emergency Kit

December 22, 2011 by Arnoldo Offermann

Pack your emergency kit!

Every DJ may have an emergency kit. This kit should contain the obvious: backup cables, handheld mic, soft cloth for a quick polish of light lenses, etc. How about some out of the box items? The following items are things that at some point or another, I wish I had. These are items that a DJ or MC shouldn’t have to worry about, but why not? The extra five minutes could save an event… or a life!

* Garter. THREE times I have done weddings where the bride decided she wanted to keep her garter and forgot a throwaway. Carry one… it’ll make you “da bomb.”

* Generic bouquet: Maybe it’s just me, but a throwaway bouquet is often forgotten or misplaced. 5-6 plastic flowers in a rubber band and you’re good to go… albeit ghetto, but good to go.

* Aspirin. 325mg doses. In case you don’t know, 325mg of aspirin is the recommended dose for a heart attack. After I had someone die of one at an event and seeing that NO ONE had aspirin, I realized how stupid it was not to have this as a backup. Had I gone with my instincts, I could have saved a life. 🙁

* First Aid Kit. Why not? Bandaids, cleaning towelettes, Neosporin, etc are always handy. I’ve even cut myself during setup without a dang band-aid!

* Lozange spray… a hoarse voice or sore throat will hit you at the wrong times. Pack a spray bottle along with some cough drops!

* Emergency meds: Advil (or any Ibuprofen), Benadryl (food allergies suck, this will hold them over until an EPI pen is found OR EMTs arrive), and acetaminophen. Don’t forget GasX and Pepto-Bismol… stomach bugs are the worst things to get in the middle of a gig. If someone runs over and asks for medicine, you can jump in and save the day! For safety reasons, consider the individual packs.

* Small packs of deodorants and cologne. I usually have 2-3 of them. One for me and one for the forgetful groom!

* This one is an odd one, but maybe it’s because my wife often works with me.. we’ve gotten asked for Tampons or Pads. Yup, I carry those, too!

* Mints. Well, duh!

* Kleenex. Give three tissues to the groom before the ceremony, first dance, and toasts. He will be able to quickly reach in his pocket for a tissue as his bride breaks out in tears. This is also a great photo op!

This is a small addon alongside the DJ necessities! Don’t forget AAs, a pocket screwdriver set, Q-tips, and needlenose pliers.I like to be able to help out as much as possible, and many of these items have helped myself and my crew out on MANY occasions… but it’s also given me many a thankful client! As I already said, we don’t *need* this stuff (women’s pads?) and it’s above our call of duty… but why not? Couple a stellar performance, with an unforgettable experience, and add a bag more useful than Mary Poppins and you’ve raised the bar even higher than normal!

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