9 Secrets of Success

June 30, 2016 by Matt Martindale

Only “9 Secrets” led to the building (and selling) of our first multi-system DJ company. Yes, we sold it on our terms, got paid in full at the closing, and made a lot of money along the way. I’ve also at-martindaleapplied these secrets personally and professionally in different industries. (In fact, we have another business under contract to sell at the time of writing this article!)

Sharing these 9 Secrets of Success is truly my passion. Here I’m offering a brief glimpse into my personal journal of success.

Before I begin, I want you to know that I believe in you. I do. You are capable of far more than you’ve ever imagined. A lot more. We all are. We are blessed to be in an industry with the opportunity to “move” people. To inspire them. To provide hope, and a genuine belief in things like love and happiness. To be part of creating smiles, laughter, and tears of joy. To share in some of life’s most treasured celebrations that we all call “memories.” We make memories for people! That’s what we get the opportunity to do as a profession that is a gift to be cherished.

So, how have I learned to make that happen?

One word: grapes. Yes, grapes!

Everything I observed, every seemingly unimportant nuance, I wrote down growing grapes the last 18 years until I finally had enough fruit to make my first batch of award winning wine (which won a bronze medal in a Colorado wine festival out of 140 bottles entered.) While there, I asked an old timer what’s considered “normal” for fruit production from a single vine. He said 5 to 7 pounds, yet, I just harvested 98 pounds off one vine. That got me thinking…

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