9.37 Reasons I Hate Numbered “List” DJ Blog Posts By:Geoff Short

June 20, 2013 by CHAUVET DJ

1. No consistency.The number of items is always so random depending on how many things a particular author can think of on a given subject. Seems like there should be a standard number of stuff in order to be considered an authoritative piece. Clearly, I am not an authority, thus the size of this list – falling just short of what seems like a nice round authority number of 10.

2. Whatever subject I may be blathering about probably has as many viewpoints and opinions as it does readers.  There’s never just 5 or 10 points about anything which is obviously the reason for #1. Learning is infinite.

3. It feels like so much of our lives is being dumbed down into sound bytes, 140 Twitter characters, 6-second Vine video clips and lists like this one. We can still read paragraphs can’t we?

4. When I think of lists, I think of “to-do” lists, which reminds me of chores which feels mundane which is everything I railed against when I was younger and wanted to be a rock star which is where my love of music comes from which is one reason I got in a band and later became a DJ in the first place. I love music, not lists.

5. I get that lists can be quick ways to get information, but they always feel a bit like a cop out from good writing, whatever that is.

6. It feels like the only numbers DJs should be concerned about are BPMs, Track Numbers, DMX addresses and of course “how much am I getting for this gig?”.  Of course before I can even finish writing this someone is creating a “The 37 Numbers DJs Should Be Concerned About” blog post.

7. List blogs are too common.  It’s a convention that has jumped the shark.  Unless the subject matter is something sensationalistic like “84 ways to Better Airport Sex” or “29 Reasons Your Feet Could Fall Off Your Body Right Now!”, is anybody really paying attention? Present the info in a different way. Draw pictures. Create a song parody with the info.  Create an online scavenger hunt by hiding your bits of info in various online places that might draw traffic to your websites and social media profiles.  Break the list up into daily Tweets or posts on your business Facebook page.  At least then you would have a chance of generating compelling content that might keep readers coming back for more as opposed to a one-off list that would get read once and forgotten.  Anything that will stand out from the crowd.

8. I’m terrible at math and numbers intimidate me.  Your numbered info gives me agita.  I know, my hang up, not yours.  But this is my list, not yours.

9. And the final and most important reason I hate DJ “List” Blogs is


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