86 The Bridal Show Chairs

January 4, 2009 by Andy Ebon
86 The Chairs!!

86 The Chairs!!

Last Monday I made a presentation at the Las Vegas Wedding Network about effective wedding trade show exhibiting (Mining Bridal Show Gold).

It included a wide range of issues, from goal setting to training employees, following to asking for the order. Naturally, it included a rather entertaining segment on the important rationale in staging a booth.

To me, one of life’s great puzzles, is why virtually every trade show provides you a table and two chairs. The table may be useful if placed effectively, but the chairs are not just useless, they are a big-time-negative-factor.

You want people to look you in-the-eye, not down at the top of your head. You should either be standing, or, if you need some support (maybe you have a bad back or get tired feet easily), then upgrade to a bar stool or similarly high chair.

The only thing worse than one chair is two chairs. Two people, seated, will tend to turn and talk to each other, and unknowingly ignore the prospects, as they move into the area outside the booth. If you even have the ‘appearance’ of ignoring a prospect, in most cases they will just keep walking.

My advice: For your next bridal show, 86 the chairs!!

Andy Ebon
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