8 Ways to Improve Your Web Presence BY JIM WEISZ

May 10, 2012 by Jim Weisz

It’s easy to get so busy managing the day-to-day operations of your business that you neglect the tasks necessary to maintain a strong web presence. If you’ve allowed that to happen, be sure to cut this article out and put it on your desk. Then, as you complete each task, put a line through it. When you’re finished, take a day off—you deserve it!


I’ll be the first to admit that up until a couple years ago, I wasn’t on the blog bandwagon. I knew there could be some value to it, but most DJs and other small businesses I saw blogging just weren’t doing it right. One of the biggest mistakes I saw people making was not keeping it updated. It reminded me of the 1990s when everyone thought it would be great to start an email newsletter. They would do 1-2 emails and then would stop doing them. An outdated blog gives the appearance that you aren’t busy, when in reality, you might be so busy you don’t have time to update it. So, find time. Even if it’s just 15 minutes once a week, you can make time. Another pro blogger trick is to compose a few posts at once, so you’re ahead of the game. The second biggest mistake is not taking advantage of why you’re blogging. The biggest benefit to blogging is the search engine advantages. So, blog with a purpose. Include phrases within your titles and articles that will help push your posts to the top of the search engines.


Static websites are so 2000s. Web 2.0 is here and people expect more out of a website these days. So, embed tools on your website to encourage interaction from prospective clients. If you already use a service that offers tools for your website, make sure you have them in use in various places on your website. They provide a call to action right where you need it, and can lead to more bookings.


Whether you have a personal account on Facebook or not, you really need to have a Facebook page for your business. I’ll often look at a businesses’ Facebook page after looking at their website to get a better feel for the company; and with over 850 million members on Facebook, I’m sure I’m not the only person who does that. So, don’t miss out on added exposure for your business—especially since it’s free! If you already have a page, then update it on a regular basis. Add pictures from recent events. Post links to your blog posts. Encourage your clients to tag pictures of their friends and family in the pictures you post. Feel free to send out an email inviting people to like your page, but don’t be annoying about it by repeatedly sending out invites.


I have a pretty nice SLR camera, and while I take decent pictures of my kids, the pictures I take at weddings usually turn out awful. To be honest, I don’t mind because I’d rather focus on my job as the master of ceremonies and DJ and let the photographer take pictures. So how do I get pictures for my website? I make friends with the photographers and follow up with them for pictures. Sometimes it can take a few emails asking for pictures. But, if you keep your emails short, are courteous, patient, offer to give credit, and link back to them, you’ll probably find most are willing to share pictures. It really is a win-win situation, since it gives them added exposure and makes your overall web presence more visually appealing.


A prospective bride who went to your website more than likely won’t visit a year or two later (hopefully!). So, why update your website copy? More than likely your style and business philosophy has evolved in that time. You probably offer services now that you didn’t offer a year or two ago. You also may have discontinued some less popular services. If your website copy is always up to date, then a prospective client can get a current, accurate picture of what you offer. Seems like a no-brainer, but again, being busy usually is the excuse for not doing it.


Chances are pretty good that someone interested in booking you will look for reviews about your company. Since there are so many places to get reviews, pick one place to focus on and work on getting a lot of reviews at that website. Then tell your prospective clients they can find reviews about your company on there. You should also link to your reviews from your website.


In a perfect world, you would check your website statistics once every couple months, or at least once a quarter. But, it’s something that’s easy to forget to do. So, if you use a service like Google Analytics that offers reports, log in to your account and set it up to automatically email you a report once a month. Then, every month, take a few minutes to analyze the report. Where is your traffic coming from? Are there keywords you need to target more? Is there somewhere you’re advertising that’s not driving traffic to your site? Site stats offer valuable information about your website and how to improve it.


According to ComScore’s February 2012 online video report, there were approximately 38 billion videos viewed in the month, with 16.7 billion watched on Google sites (including YouTube). In recent years, YouTube was the #2 search engine, overall. It’s worth the time and effort to create videos and feature them in a YouTube channel and other video hosting sites to draw even more traffic to your website.

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Jim Weisz has been DJing since 1999, primarily serving the wedding and school dance markets. Jim is originally from Chicago and lived there until relocating to Dallas in 2003 to take a position with TM Studios (formerly TM Century). Jim has spoken at numerous DJ conventions about websites and marketing online and has also written dozens of articles for Mobile Beat magazine about websites and a variety of other topics. Jim can be reached at jim@discoverydjs.com.

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