6 Silly rock and roll music themed games that you can play online

December 22, 2017 by Mobile Beat

We got together with friends and fans who enjoy rock ‘n roll-style games to share their favourite music-themed online games. Here are some of the amazing responses we received.

The music-themed online games we are recommending are but a small sampling of the many exciting attractions that are currently available. This selection listed below has won praise from a swath of players across the board, and we are proud to present these top titles to you. Take a look around, and enjoy these rock ‘n roll themed games with some of the most iconic superstars ever.

We’re counting down from #6 to #1. Get ready to rock out like never before with the ultimate compilation of music-themed online games.

#6 – Rock ‘n Roll Racing (Sega Genesis) Online


Source: Sega Enterprises Ltd

The nostalgic Rock ‘n Roll Racing by Sega™ is a race-themed video game which takes you on a wild ride around twists and turns. ‘Let the carnage begin!’ and watch how souped-up off-road vehicles corner like they’re on rails. This game features some blistering beats from rock ‘n roll legendary groups like ACDC. This video game is rather rudimentary in its gameplay, with 1980s-style graphics and electronic audio. Developed by Sega™, it’s a fabulous throwback attraction for fans of arcade racing games. The rock ‘n roll theme is a nice twist to an uproarious and wild attraction. If you’re Bad to the Bone, and you believe Life Is a Highway, this is one way to blaze a trail through the bends.

Players can customize all aspects of their gameplay by using the game controls on the bottom panel of the screen. These include the following options: pause, resume, save, load, reset, full screen, change controls and sound on/off. Rock ‘n Roll Racing by Sega™ is free to play, and adrenaline-loaded from the time you rev your engine until the other racers get lost in a puff of dust. The rock theme ramps up the excitement, and this game should certainly be played with the music turned up in full-screen mode. Don’t get caught in first gear, doubled de-clutch and let the rubber hit the road as you tear your way to victory.

#5 – Rock Band Sim

Source: MouseBreaker

Rock Band Sim is described as a male game, but that’s only because it’s a testosterone-fueled frenzy of rock ‘n roll. It’s a simulated time management game where you are required to move your rock band through various stages of development. You begin at the pub circuit level and then you advance to stadiums and huge arenas. Of course, all the usual development needs to take place as well – purchasing music equipment, putting out fires among bandmembers, and dealing with the groupies. Some of the bandmembers you may encounter include Ross Petworrier, Faith Frogstomp, Colin Dark, Nicholas Teardrop or even Lorna Poison. In fact, you can pretty much create the most perfect rock band in history.

The rock ‘n roll theme is evident throughout your selections, and each band member features a specific score for charisma, drive, musicianship and flair. Naturally, the higher you rank in each of these categories, the better your band will be. You start by selecting your band name, and claiming it as your own. You can choose a metal band, m.o.r. band, prog band, glam band or any other selection that meets your needs. Next up, you head off to the shop to purchase your musical equipment. These include guitars, shoes, phones, instruments and a host of other options. We’ll leave the rest for you to discover on your own, as there is plenty of fun to be had with this rock ‘n roll themed simulator game.

#4 – Rock and Roll Bingo

Source: RockandRollBingo

Whoever came up with the wild notion that bingo and rock ‘n roll could go together? A genius! Bingo is not your grandmother’s game anymore – although it could be if she’s a rocker. Rock and Roll Bingo was inspired by the modern technology that makes it easier than ever for people to enjoy a fully immersive gaming experience with one of the world’s most popular games. This game dispenses with the old style of playing bingo, and replaces boring bingo numbers with unbelievable rock ‘n roll songs that are blasted out in bingo halls in 15 to 20 second intervals. And the songs that play are some of the hippest, hottest and trendiest beats on the planet. Instead of traditional numbers on bingo cards – the old-school ain’t cool way – you’ve got rockers and songs listed for your benefit.

Okay so let’s rewind the vinyl for just a second… Rock and Roll Bingo features headbanging, toe-tapping beats from musical legends. These include The Beatles with We Can Work It out, Cliff Richards Living Doll, Frank Sinatra’s My Way, Lady Gaga’s Just Dance, The Black Eyed Peas Let’s Get It Started, or Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal. These are but a small sampling of the many fantastic beats that you can enjoy while playing bingo. Who ever thought that rock ‘n roll would revolutionize bingo? Now, players take their bingo daubers and mark off their bingo cards with rock stars and award-winning songs, instead of mundane numbers. Guys like Bruce Springsteen, Boyzone, Abba, James Blunt and Tom Jones are waiting to rock you like never before.

#3 – Rock ‘n Roll by Panda Zone

source: y8

Panda Zone’s exciting new game, Rock ‘n Roll is a fully animated rock ‘n roll online game featuring some pretty cool looking little avatars. The first one is known as Rocksta – a maestro with the guitar. Second up is Murphy – he’s the brains of the operation. Roger comes in third, and his motto is: Somewhere out there is a goal that only ball will ever reach I have that ball. The fourth rock star is Haddi – you’ll get to meet this member of the crew soon enough. Number five is Hanna. She’s an angry little one, and she plays like a furious demon. Number six is the gargantuan Gyro. Of course, size matters when you see this monster strut on stage. Rounding out the 7 rockers is Manuel. He is The Grim Reaper of this rock ‘n roll game, with a scythe and the look of death. You’ll have to purchase each of these characters to add them to your crew.

When you click the play button, things get really interesting. These rockers start spinning on floating barrels, and your job is to keep them alive to reach the next barrel, collect points, avoid the bad guys and just have a rock ‘n roll good time. You may not need many musical talents to play this game, but you’re going to need a fair amount of coordination, acrobatics ability, and a fabulous sense of humour. The Buzzfeed Community rates this game highly, and we do too!

#2 – KISS Video Slot

Source: 888casino

Did somebody say tongue-in-cheek? Put your tongues out and lap up the ultimate rock-star slot game. These guys know how to fire up the crowds, and if you love their beats, you will be doing backflips in your living room at this game’s sheer awesomeness. KISS routinely perform to sold-out crowds, and they are considered the gods of rock ‘n roll. This immersive video slot game features 5 spinning reels and 100 paylines – that’s 100 ways to form winning combinations. Bets begin as low as 0.10 and rise up through the ranks to 250 when you trigger all the paylines. Let’s check out some of the hottest features of this rock ‘n roll themed slot game:

  • Win up to 20 free spins when you land 5 scatter symbols on the spinning reels and claim your x 20 multiplier.
  • The colossal reel set adds plenty of firepower to your game with free spins, huge payouts and Wilds aplenty.
  • The music… The music… The music!

KISS slot is powered by Williams Interactive, and some of the fantastic songs you are going to hear include Detroit Rock City, Rock ‘n Roll All Nite, and Shout It out Loud. Simply spin those reels to activate the beats, and this game will take you back to the 1970s when KISS blew the competition away. For a sneak peek at this awesome game, play KISS slot online!

# 1 -Rock and Harmony Barbie – The NUMERO UNO Attraction!

Source: GameKidGame

Fess up! You never expected this game to make it to #1 on the best rock ‘n roll themed online games did you? Well, the verdict is in: Rock ‘n Harmony Barbie is the number one attraction among fans. It’s everything you never expected to find with everybody’s favourite glam girl – Barbie, but we’re not sure if Ken’s in the picture. Barbie gets to rock out with her best friend and they are styling it with glam dresses, fab guitars, makeovers and hairdos.

You get to share some of the most awesome music with your friends, and become a princess popstar in double-quick time. To get the game started, simply drag your musical items onto the stage, to change the sounds. The sound effects in this game are off the charts. But don’t take our word for it – try it out and enjoy Tori and Keira tearing it up on stage.

First, select your style of play and drag it onto the stage. You can choose fab drums, fab guitars, sparkles, claps or pianos. You get to toggle the volume, the acoustics and the overall sound that you want to hear. Once you’ve selected your instruments, you get to share your Rock and Harmony song with family and friends. Simply press the copy button to share your music that you have composed. It’s that easy. This Barbie game is a great way to get young folks interested in music, and that’s what rock ‘n roll is all about!

And there you have it folks! The top 6 rock ‘n roll-themed online games picked by the Buzzfeed Community of fans. We hope you love these great games, and you can enjoy them with zest and appreciation.

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