5 Tips to help you get the Ideal Speaker Set

December 6, 2018 by Christos Nikas

Hey Mr. DJ,
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Αs professionals, we have to fully understand (especially those who are new into buying Dj equipment), that every piece of tech we buy is a tool. And each tool has a specific use.
I see quite often DJs asking on Facebook groups: “What speakers should I get?”, “Can you suggest some lighting fixtures?”, and so many group members start suggesting without having the slightest idea about the purpose/use the indicated items will have to this particular DJ.

// Different events may require different tools.
// Various marketing and branding plans may need different tools.
// Different business models and plans may require different tools.
// Different needs definitely call out for different tools.

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.

This is how important good preparation and research are.
Before investing in speakers or start asking around for suggestions, and before running to your local store, blindly buying what your “role-model DJ” uses, you should take some time and consider the following.

⦁ What type of event you usually do or want to focus on? (weddings, parties, school dances, indoor events, outdoor events, big crowds, small crowds, etc.)
⦁ What type of transport do you own? (small car, big car, a small van, a truck or trailer)
⦁ What is the image you want to establish and promote?
⦁ What type of clients do you serve? Will they appreciate & pay more for great design, high-end stuff, etc?
⦁ What are your priorities? (Design, power, brand, weight, price, flexibility)
⦁ Will it be your only system, your main system or will it become part of a more significant system/collection.

If you want to buy the best equipment for your business, here are my 5 TIPS

1. Understand your niche and analyze the type of your events.

2. Define your needs.

3. See your equipment as an investment, not as an expense and make sure its applications can and will return this investment (ROI) fast.

4. Get a clear vision of the personal/business model you are trying to establish

5. Try to invest locally and build a relationship with your dealer.

See the bigger picture and start building up a variety of tools -one step at the time- that will help you be a flexible & efficient DJ of high quality and above all, MOBILE.

May the fun be with you

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