5 Things Your Smartphone Could Do In The Future

March 29, 2019 by Mobile Beat

Mobile technology is advancing at an astounding rate. The changes to the world of mobile communication in the last decade have been nothing short of astounding. Go back 10-15 years and we were astonished by colour screens and the gameSnake.

Now, people’s lives revolve around the technologyin their pockets with over 95% of American teenagers and 85% of the total population of Europe possessing a smartphone. Today’s smartphones come complete with facial recognition, 3D cameras, and all the tools needed to DJ on the go but what next? Let’s take a look at some science fiction which could soon become fact.

Mind Control

Assistant features like Apple’s Siri and Google’s Alexa have been around for a while but voice control could soon feel a little outdated. Imagine you could control your phone not with your voice or body, but using just your mind. Well, the technology isn’t quite there but it is certainly on its way. Facebook was developing mind-controlled typing in its secretive Building 8 with an aim of 100 words per minute. That would certainly speed up the writing process and perhaps make keyboards a thing of the past.

But it’s not just being worked on in Silicon Valley. Scientists at MIT are also researching something similar with their device known as AlterEgo. This wearable device will allow users to communicate with programs like personal assistants using only their thoughts. This makes Siri look a little outdated.

Limitless Battery

Perhaps the biggest drawback of the current smartphone is its limited battery life. We all secretly suspect that celebrities and billionaires get special batteries that last months on a single charge but for the rest of us, we usually have to top-up our juice every day.

Well, that could soon become a thing of the past. Wireless charging is still in its infant gimmick faze but there are still so many possibilities. A company in America called Energousis developing the next era of wireless power with WattUp that charges devices up to a few feet. Just imagine having wireless charging stations in your car and dotted around your home or think on a country-wide scale and allow these charging stations to operate like service towers do today. Dead batteries would become a thing of the past.

Completely Wireless

I know what you’re thinking. Phones are wireless now, but are they really? We still have charger cables and headphone jacks and slots for memory cards. Soon, that could all be a thing of the past and it’s not just about buying a pair of AirPods. Phones could soon be completely self-contained thanks to wireless charging, portable speaker systems, and companies like Apple which have introduced electronic alternatives to a physical SIM card. The Chinese firm Meizu has already introduced a port-less phone and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see many companies follow suit in the coming years.


This is perhaps closer to reality than any other item on this list with the Samsung Galaxy Fold set for release later this year. Still, there is plenty of potential yet for flexible screens with the ability to turn your smartphone into something so much more. Imagine a future where you could unfurl your phone to the size of a television screen or a table and work from there.

Virtual Reality Making The Smartphone Irrelevant

It’s difficult to imagine but there could be a future when smartphones don’t exist at all. Mobile technology could take on a whole other dimension with the integration of phones and virtual reality.
VR headsets may be in their infancybut are being used today in any number of different ways. Companies like BioflightVR and Air Charter Service offer VR training in the medical and aerospace industries respectively. But VR is also being used for entertainment purposes. PlayStation has launched a number of VR games while Betway has brought an online casinoto the world of virtual reality.

This has all been done with what limited VR technology we have today. Most headsets are effectively just small screens and speakers attached to a pair of glasses but that technology is developing quickly. Companies like Magic Leapand Avegant are working on this kind of tech which is effectively a far more advanced version of the Microsoft HoloLens. Why carry around a phone in your pocket when you can just wear a far more advanced piece of tech on your head?

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