5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve Your Social Media Game – By Staci Nichols

July 7, 2018 by Staci Nichols

MCs think, “I’ve seen some YouTube videos…I can do this.” Well, that’s how you’re running your blog (if you have one), isn’t it?
I took Book More Brides’ “Book Your Calendar Solid with Blogging Course” (available to members only), and I recommend you do the same (or set up a consultation with me). A proper blog is the backbone for good social media marketing…as well as the key to turning Pinterest into a free lead machine.


Or, worse, your promotional flyers and sales pitches (blech!) Instagram is the new “About” page. Who are you? What did you lift at the gym yesterday? Was it your kid’s birthday last night? What do you do in your free time? Yes, post some work-related pics; but the bulk of your Instagram strategy should be showing attractive images that allow your target market to get to know you or your company ethos—in a non-promotional way.

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Staci Nichols Staci Nichols (30 Posts)

DJ Staci, the Track Star, has been a full-time mobile DJ for 10 years. She has performed internationally, on the Vegas Strip, at festivals, celebrity weddings, and for companies like Lamborghini and Reebok. Staci has spoken at major industry conferences and been featured on DJ News TV, ADJA, BookMoreBrides.com webinars, the Wedding MBA podcast, and a BPM Supreme Female DJ Forum. Staci is represented by both Scratch Events and Purim Agency.

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