5 Reasons Why I’m Going to MBLV20 (And Why You Should, Too!)

March 7, 2016 by Tony Schwartz

In just one week, mobile DJs will gather at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas for the 20th edition of the Mobile Beat Las Vegas DJ Show. And honestly, I couldn’t be more excited, mainly because I can’t wait to meet like-minded mobile DJs like you. And if you aren’t planning on coming next week, I’d like to change your mind and convince you why you should come.

So, here’s five reasons why I’m going to MBLV20 in Las Vegas (and why you should, too!):

1) Finding Inspiration

MBLV offers mobile DJs a lot of value: keynote speakers, educational seminars, workshops, product demos, company parties, and more. I like to take as much in as I can, because in reality, all I need is one little idea that can inspire me with a new product or service offering that will net me several thousands of dollars of income. Maybe it’s a trivia show, maybe its Facebook Ads, maybe its taking a fear and reversing it to my advantage. You just never know how an idea will strike you on the plane ride home…

But I also find inspiration in the presentation of the week: from listening to other DJs mix to the revamped presentation of MBLV19 that brought a lot of interest back to the show. As you walk around the show – and Vegas, for that matter! – try to figure out how things are done. Listen objectively to other DJs play and pick up their tricks, combos, and ideas. That doesn’t mean “bite” (DJ slang for copy) their mixes and combos! Use it to inspire your creativity as you obtain new tools for your tool belt.


Mobile Beat Las Vegas 20 is almost here!

2) Idea Sharing

Not only will the speakers of each seminar pitch you their ideas (and products), but talk to the mobile DJs around you. Seek out people to talk to; this would be a great time to mention you should download the MBLV app for your iPhone and Android device. I love to come down and kick around business ideas and get honest feedback and fresh perspectives. EVERYONE is super nice and totally approachable. (Don’t be intimidated by Marcello and his tailored suits! They are nice, though!)

Treat it as a networking event; swap business cards – you might find some inspiration there! – or follow each other on social media. It’s a great way to stay in touch and connect with others in the industry. Make some new friends, and give yourself reason to come back to MBLV every year. That’s what Joe Martin and fellow DJs have been doing since the very first MBLV show.

3) Artists Up Close and Personal

I have to give Ryan Burger and the rest of the staff at Mobile Beat a lot of credit; they bring out some big names. My first show, I got to meet DJ Kool, Coolio, and Sugarhill Gang. (Quick Aside: seeing Coolio in his Rice Krispies outfit was worth the entire trip. WTF, Coolio?)  Last year, Jazzy Jeff and Sir Mix-A-Lot were in the house. And this year, Ryan is bringing us Redfoo (from LMFAO) and V.I.C. (of “Wobble” fame). Past years have included Naughty by Nature, Tone Loc, The Village People, and more. These are artists whose music you play. Constantly.

And here’s a little secret for you: keep your eyes peeled for them around the show. Approach them; I’ve never had an issue with saying hello to them. Chat them up a little bit. Don’t be starstruck. And at the end, ask them politely if they would do a drop for you and/or take a photo. Most will. Imagine getting a custom drop from V.I.C. and playing that right before you hit the “Wobble” at your events. Or taking a selfie with Redfoo and posting that on social media for your followers back home.


4) No Facebook Trolls

Many of the mobile DJ groups on Facebook get a bad rap because of the “keyboard warriors”, moderators with “power trip egos”, and the same questions being asked constantly because DJs are too lazy to use the search function. At MBLV, the computer screen is removed, your tone is added to your words, and you can’t be a troll in person. Well, you can be if you want, but I strongly advise you against doing so, because Arnoldo Offerman is very outspoken and he’ll put you in your place. 😉

Plus, the mobile DJs at MBLV20 take their craft, and this industry, very seriously. These are the DJs that have figured out how to make DJing a full-time occupation and career path. They are savvy business owners that understand the concepts of marketing, accounting, branding, etc. The DJs that don’t take this industry seriously? They are trolling away in Facebook groups and talking about how MBLV offers them nothing of value, as they continue to bitch and moan about cheap clients, question how to get more gigs, and find the cheapest, tackiest way to do things.

5) A Break From The Daily Grind

If you read my blog or follow me on social media, you know how much I hustle. While I don’t treat MBLV as a vacation – attending industry conferences are still a business trip in my mind – it’s nice to break up the monotony of my work week. And there may not be a better place in the world for a break from the daily grind then the Las Vegas strip. I’ll probably attend at least one show – the Cirque Du Soleil shows are always a treat – which takes me back to my first reason I like to come to Las Vegas for MBLV in the first place: Finding Inspiration.

And one final piece of advice: remember why you are there in the first place. Don’t drink excessively and be that guy/girl at MBLV. Because I will Snapchat it for everyone else to see 😉

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