5 Reasons To Get Your Kids Into Music

July 10, 2019 by Mobile Beat

You might hear one of the other moms rant and rave about their kid’s music program. They are watching their kid learn and grow as they progress through the basics, and the future looks so bright. I’m sure this sounds at least somewhat familiar, but you need to know something. It’s never too late to get your kids involved in a music program and they are generally easy to find.

Say you live in New York city and your kid is showing an interest in playing the saxophone. How can you help your kid learn the saxophone? By going to google and typing in,  “Saxophone Lessons NYC,” and finding them a program.

Now that you know how to find your kid lessons for their musical instrument of choice, let’s look at 5 reasons you should make that search and get your kids into music.

1 – Music Builds Community

As we progress through life, we come to realize one thing: everybody has a favorite song. Of course everyone will have a favorite, but that love for one song can grow and expand. It can help your kid explore and grow different types of music to find what do and don’t like. This can help them start friendships that last a lifetime, and that connection is priceless.

Playing music takes this a step further because it takes mutual creation. Being part of a band means playing a specific part to create a masterpiece. Music can beyond languages as well, as music is the universal language. You don’t have to speak the same language to be able to play music together, and that’s beautiful. Learning to play music classically and free hand can open so many amazing doors in life for your child.

2 – Music Creates an Environment of Achievement

Learning music is best done in a structured environment. When your child is in one of these environments, they will have a structured learning pathway. From learning the basics of learning to read the music to actually being able to play, you can watch your kids achieve more and more with music. Music is one of those hobbies that really does let you get better the more you play. Being able to practice and grow with their instrument is an awesome thing to watch as a parent.

The better your kid gets, the more potential for rewards. That’s the reward of being able to play music, and it could be so much more for your kid.

3 – Scholarships

Your child’s ability to play music could even turn into scholarships. Having a musical instrest can carry your kids to financial gain when they go to college. Having money off your college bills for doing something something you love doesn’t sound so bad.


Depending on your kid’s involvement with competitive music, they could see even more interest from colleges looking to help your child make music a career.

4 – Careers

Careers in music are great. From being a superstar to playing in your local orchestra, you can make an enjoyable living from music. Some compose, others play, but I’m they all can agree that music is a way of life.


A life in music can take you places, literally! Any career in music can find you traveling around the world for different events and competitions. Many career musicians also have a long list of places they have seen. It can be a busy lifestyle that helps your kid see so many different places.


5 – Focused Fun

Playing is a great way to help your kids focus, too. The time and patience it takes to learn to play is great for any kid. It’s challenging and rewarding, so it’s perfect for kids who love a good challenge.

Get Your Kids Involved With Music

There really isn’t a downside to getting your kids involved in music. They learn and grow as they play. It’s a fun hobby that can create beautiful sounds from your kids, and that’s so much better than the usual yelling and screaming. All jokes aside, your kids can turn music into an important part of their life.


So if your kid loves music or wants a new hobby, take some time to look around different events that can help your kid get hands on with music. They might find something they truly enjoy in music. The feeling you get when you play music is simply therapeutic, and your kids will thank you for giving them the gift of music.


Remember, it’s never too late to learn. If you are getting your kids involved, you can get involved too if you like. Just make sure your kids have their one-on-one time with the teacher, so they can get the most out of the time learning to play music. Playing music with your kids can help them build their love for music even more while making a stronger parent child relationship along the way.

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