5 DJ Hacks on Monday to Make your Saturday Epic

May 9, 2017 by Randy Lehrman

You hear all the sports gurus talk about playing “Monday Morning Quarterback” after the big Sunday game.  In DJ land we work our hardest, all weekend, to keep 100’s of guests partying til all hours, at all costs.  Sometimes we get set in our ways and don’t add to our knowledge base…so I’m here to share 5 awesome hacks to take your DJ game to the next level before your next event.

  1. 1. Shazam during the week…EVERYTHING YOU LIKE!  If you’re like me, sometimes your background music can get boring; dance music gets stale…best thing to do to add some flavor is Shazam everything you hear that’s new and fresh and then open your DJ computer at home and use “Content Unlimited” on Virtual DJ or “Pulselocker” in Serato to download all those new favorites all at once and make some new playlists.  Not only will it be fresh for the crowds, but for you and your staff as well.
  2. 2. Be a God on your controller.  Don’t sit idly by while your Pioneer DDJ-SX2 and it’s million buttons await.  Every couple of weeks teach yourself one new trick to play with at events.  Whether its scratching, sampling, or effects.  Get on your Youtube now, and look to your fellow club DJs to see what they do.  You’ll be surprised how many DJs have the same controller you do and can do some crazy things.  Get creative.
  3. 3. Keep it Clean!  Make sure you go through your catalog every once in a while (itunes) and clean out the junk you don’t need, don’t want, and will never play.  I generally have a separate folder on another drive and dump a few things off so that your catalog has all you want and not 15 remixes of Billie Jean.  You’d be surprised how slow your computer can get with 15,000 unwanted Gin Blossoms songs.
  4. 4. Eat, Breath, n Sleep your client base!  I do a lot of Bar-Mitzvahs…My best advice is eat, sleep, and breathe what all those 13 year olds like.  You have to listen to top 40 and study.  You have to check out MTV.  You have to search Billboard…and by all means, let the kids be your guide.  Take down lists at events–even if it’s stuff you’ve never heard of.  If they suggest it, put it on a list, download it–9 times out of 10 if it’s danceable, you’ll use it again.
  5. 5. Record!  Just because you are a mobile DJ doing Weddings and Mitzvahs it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t practice.  Not only can you take out your gear at home once in a while but record some sets.  I like to record mini-sets of 3-5 songs that are tried and true at parties.  That way my DJs have a base to work with and can DJ around those.  I’m not saying to play “pre-arranged music” but having a few songs pre-mixed here n there can grab you a bathroom break that is much needed or buy you 2 minutes to grab a bride or Bar-Mitzvah boy who might have escaped somewhere in the venue.

These are just a few tips for Monday, that might just make your Saturday rock!

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Randy Lehrman is celebrating his 25th year in the Mobile DJ business. As a Bar-Mitzvah & Wedding specialist, Randy and his award winning staff at Real Genius Entertainment bring a cutting edge and and a level of creativity to the party world in a high paced and competitive LA market. With progressive timeline management and boundless energy, Randy and his crew bring something unique to every party.

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