4 Things To Do After Finishing a Bar-Mitzvah Reception

July 5, 2017 by Randy Lehrman

You just killed it!  200 Guests, The Bat-Mitzvah girl had a blast…her parents are thrilled; everyone’s happy.  The crowd starts leaving and you start packing up…but there’s more to be done.  Here’s 4 tips to make sure you get more business down the road.

1. Clean Up Ya Damn Food!  Most of the time we get lucky enough to get fed by the caterer.  Whether it’s buffet or sitdown…you’re going to get some bomb food!  Appreciation to the caterer goes beyond a “Thank you.”  Once your finished with your gig, make sure that you take all of the plates to either a tray or to the kitchen and thank them.  The last thing you want to leave behind is a bunch of your dirty dishes.  Caterers notice.  So check out of your gig in classy fashion.

2. Thank the Parents!  Yes, you’re exhausted.  But those parents (your clients) just dropped a pretty penny for your services.  In addition to thanking them personally (especially if you are the owner) make sure you go up to them with your crew, as a team to express your thanks.  In addition, share your experience of how the party was great.  Sometimes those parents are in a blur…so bring then down to earth telling them how great the party was…You’d be surprised how many times that will great the TIP generator.

3. Thank the KID!  The guest of honor is why you were there in the first place.  The best thing you can do is make them feel like an adult.  Hugs n High Fives are a great way to end the night.  In Bar-Mitzvah land, these kids rule…So be sure that you are in their mind as awesome AND nice.

4. Schmooze with the caterer/venue manager/party planner!  Schmooze is a Yiddish word that means “Talk it up/Get friendly.”  What better time then after an amazing party to recap the night with the person you should have been working closely with on perfect food timing.  If your indelible image of “awesome party” is combined with “Wow, he’s a really nice guy.” That goes a long way to paving a new friendship that may get you in a list or get an asterisk on your name if you’re already on one.  Your caterer, party planner, venue managers are all part of your team that night.  If you are going to make a grand entrance, then make an memorable exit.

So remember, when the gig is done, don’t jam out…take a few extra minutes, for lots of future results.  4 tips for more tips!

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