4 Steps to Get Foggers or Hazers at Your Event

August 26, 2011 by CHAUVET DJ

by Allan Reiss, product manager for CHAUVET®

Fog or haze adds more spice to your event in any setting that might be: ballroom, hall or school auditorium. But getting permission to use foggers or hazers can be a complicated process. Be prepared to hear ‘NO.’ Each city works differently, so some cities might not allow foggers at all and there’s nothing you can do about it. If your client really wants it and you’re determined to go through with it, follow these steps, and you shouldn’t have a problem.

Start planning everything
Once you find out the venue/city allows foggers, start scheduling, planning and working with them in advance.

Contact the city and start coordinating – Let them know how many fog machines you want to use, for how long you’re planning on using them, the type of machine used and that you need the smoke alarm turned off. Important tip! – The fire marshal will be the one to deactivate/reactivate the alarm. Don’t do it yourself, you can end up in jail!

• Use only water-based foggers – Most likely a fire marshal will come before the event to inspect the machines and to make sure the fluid is water based. Most fire marshals won’t accept oil-based ones because of the residue and safety concerns. Luckily most CHAUVET® foggers and hazers are water based.

• Make sure you know the cost – A fire marshal needs to be on site for the entire duration of the event, and sometimes before and after, when you set up/break down your rig. This service costs money. Rates may be by the hour, so the best thing to do is to plan properly. Keep in mind small events won’t even bother with this because the cost of the fire marshals ends up being the same as the cost for a DJ. Also, know if your client will pay for the entire bill or if you will contribute. Sometimes you can split the bill with the client, other times you will have to include it in your budget. Each event is different and fire marshal is never guaranteed.
• Approvals from the venue – All foggers/hazers are capable of triggering smoke detectors due to the particles they emit. Talk to the managers of the venue to see if you need approvals from them as well. Have them sign a contract if needed – cover all angles.

Now that you’ve gone through all this, remember to use foggers wisely, don’t run them nonstop throughout the entire event, just set the timer and let them work on their own. Most CHAUVET® foggers and hazers have a built-in timer or optional timer available. Some even have DMX and/or wireless options for optimal control. Fog and haze significantly enhances light effects and creates a distinctive atmosphere that clients love, so it pays off to fight for it!


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