4 Reasons Wedding Suppliers Websites Fail To Book Brides And How To Turn Them Into Your Biggest Opportunity (4 Of 4) 

January 31, 2018 by Terry Lewis

The Eleven Universal Influencers

It is impossible to design an effective Wedding Website That Converts without paying close attention to the Eleven Influencers that trigger buying decisions from brides and grooms.

My last blog stated your avatar will base their decisions to buy from you on emotions and use logic afterwards to justify their decision. So everything on your newly designed website must build on your avatars emotions if you want to get booked more easily.

I also said there are really only two motivators that influence a couple to hire you:

  1. The ability to remove a wedding worry, or
  2. The belief you can create the best wedding experience.

The wedding experience you offer as marketed on your website must convey both, but of the two, the ability to remove a wedding worry is the stronger motivator.

I concluded by saying, underlying the two motivators above, are “Eleven Universal Influencers” and all couples planning to marry are drawn to one or more of them, and as promised, here they are:


Eleven Universal Influencers 

If appropriate your wedding product or service :

1. Must be aesthetically pleasing

2. Must deliver emotion

3. Must be punctual

4. Must deliver an excellent atmosphere

5. Must be professional

6. Must offer bragging rights

7. Must offer prestige

8. Must offer status

9. Must have a credible backup

10. Must offer value for money

11. Must offer great taste

What you sell to brides and grooms is really just a vehicle to fulfil one or more of these eleven unmet desires, and this is why you must weave as many of these influencers, as is appropriate, deep into the fabric of your website because they will help you get booked.

And finally…
Just giving information has never my style because nothing will change unless you take action, so here’s what you should do next download the growth assignment Eleven Universal Influencers and fill in the blanks.

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