3 Things You Didn’t Know About Blacklight

October 18, 2011 by CHAUVET DJ

by Allan Reiss, product manager for CHAUVET® Club/DJ

Glow is the key word for the mystic, enigmatic blacklight. With blacklight you can bring the plainest things to life. Animate the skeleton that’s hanging from the ceiling, the spider web that’s waiting in the corner, the tombstone in the front yard, or have your costume, wig or makeup glow.

Three quick facts about blacklight:

1. For Halloween, it’s totally safe. Although it’s a type of ultraviolet radiation, blacklight does not harm the eyes or skin in small doses. Longer exposure can become risky, but for Halloween, black lights will do no harm.

2. Is it magic or science? What make objects glow under blacklight are the phosphors contained in their fabrics. Your teeth and nails might also glow, due to their content of natural phosphors.

3. Phosphorescent vs. fluorescent. Phosphorescent objects absorb energy and re-emit it for a long period of time. Fluorescent things will stop shining after the energy source has been removed. So, the glowing skulls and ghosts most likely are fluorescent, not phosphorescent.

Blacklights might seem like a small addition, but the effects they bring are so powerful! Run to the attic and pull out the oldest scariest things you would want to see glow and start spreading the shivers. To give you a hand in this quest, here is my suggestion for a great black light:

Fitted for long hallways, CHAUVET® LED Shadow™ can be flush mounted for enhanced effects. It’s fully dimmable, offers great flexibility, and is easy-to-use when you’re working on a programmed DMX-controlled haunted house. Or if you can set it to dip switch and just let it run. Built-in programs operate in automatic and sound-active modes for blackout/static/dimmer and strobe functions. LED Shadow™ will bathe a 20-by-20-feet area in UV light, has a power output for daisy-chaining, and draws very low power due to LED technology.


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