3 Steps to Completing the Perfect Marketing Campaign

December 2, 2014 by Mobile Beat

While marketing is always discussed as a fluid and generic concept, it is in fact quite diverse and the best practices can vary across industries and sectors. Budget often plays a central role in this, which is why sole traders and individuals often market themselves differently to large companies and organizations. Take the task facing DJ’s who predominantly market their services for weddings, for example, as these individuals must target clients strategically and ensure that they are able to stand out in a vibrant market.

While logic suggests that wedding DJ’s should market their services at women, it is this type of thinking that narrows boundaries and restricts marketing possibilities. Although women may be more likely to plan an entire wedding from start to finish, men often take accountability for at least one aspect of the event with music being the prominent example. And let’s face it: men are going to be more concerned about what’s coming out of the speakers than the flowery centerpieces which’ll be the focal point of each table.3steps

Which means DJs have to be savvy, market to both genders, and reach out to every possible customer. And that’s most certainly step one – identifying the market.

And to implement that it’s worth taking a look away from the decks and out into the wider world, and more specifically bigger brands.

In pure simplistic terms, DJ’s and similar service providers offer a simple proposition that should be easy to market. It’s the same with coffee, or baked beans, or even poker. Take Full Tilt for example. Their recent campaign was incredibly simple, yet supremely effective. They rebranded and focused on what they do best – providing an online poker service.

Their YouTube videos, ‘The Call’ and ‘The Bluff,’ have received almost 20,000 views between them, and while we’re not suggesting necessarily creating a YouTube campaign, we are encouraging you to market what you do best.

Contradicting that however, and what is also a useful route, is creating a video with the aim to send it viral. Creating a viral video is incredibly cheap, but not as easy as it looks. You only have to watch Popchips’ campaign featuring Natasha Bedingfield to see that.

Not only has this only received around 10,000 views in four years, it’s also truly awful. Another brand to take a look at however is Oreo. Their Vine videos get shared by the tens of thousands, and are not only simple, but quirky, fun, and more importantly memorable. And in a sea of hundreds of DJs, being memorable is the biggest asset you can have.
Of course once you’ve finalized your strategy, it is absolutely imperative that you set a fair and viable price point that offers incentive to both parties involved. This is especially relevant when marketing a wedding service, as these are expensive and costly occasions that often force couples to make sacrifices and compromise on elements of the big day. As a consequence, it is imperative that your pricing reflects a sense of compassion while also making commercial sense in the existing market. You also need to secure a profit, however, so be precise with your costings and ensure that your price is accurate. You may need to occasionally compromise, but this is OK for larger weddings or where there may be the opportunity for additional business in the future.

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