3 step plan to more leads & bookings in an uncertain economy…

May 31, 2009 by Mobile Beat

The DJ Intelligence 3 step plan to more leads & bookings in an uncertain economy…

Economy got you down? Here is a proven 3 step plan you can follow to immediately increase your leads and bookings. The best part? You can implement all 3 steps today and all features are already included with your DJ Intelligence® account at no additional cost. Potentially double or triple your leads and bookings…starting today! Don’t use DJ Intelligence® yet? Bypass the $9.95 trial fee and set up with a no cost 2 month trial.


Place your DJ Intelligence® Availability Checker in a visible location on your home page and ALL sub pages of your website. The Availability Checker should appear “above the fold,” meaning you can see it immediately when landing on your page without having to scroll down. The DJ Intelligence® Code Builder within your control panel provides “copy & paste” HTML code so you can place the date selector box, calendar box, or mini date selector right on your web pages quickly and easily. Remember, a visible location on every page!

Why does this work? Research has proven that most consumers will NOT click on an “email us” or “contact us” link due to privacy concerns. However, the Availability Checker serves as an effective “call to action” drawing in consumers in a non-obtrusive way. In fact, most consumers WILL check their availability, and if available, fill out the form to receive more information. More leads for you! A local company in Chicago reported jumping from 3-4 leads per day to over 12 leads per day, just by integrating this tool.


Use the new patent-pending DJ Intelligence® Availability Checker Referral Network to link up with your colleagues. The Availability Checker Referral Network allows you to enter the DJ Intelligence® account names of your colleagues, those companies you work with and network with in your area. If you are not available for a specific date, the system will automatically check the availability of those companies within your Referral Network and present the prospective client with a list of available companies and links to their websites. Likewise, your colleagues can do the same for you. What if they don’t use DJ Intelligence® yet? Bypass the $9.95 trial fee and set them up with a no cost 2 month trial. They’ll be hooked and your calendar will quickly become booked!

Why does this work? When you are not available, the prospective client goes on to contact the next company on “their” list. So make “your” list, “their” list! Instead of letting the prospective client go on to call your biggest competitors, direct them to your friendliest colleagues. More often than not, consumers will follow your referrals and recommendations of other companies to contact. This can easily translate into hundreds of extra bookings kept within your closest network of friends & colleagues.


Set up your DJ Intelligence® account to send you an instant text alert whenever someone checks your availability and fills out the form to receive more information. You can set this up on the Advanced Settings page of your control panel and it is compatible with all major cell phone carriers and wireless device providers. When a prospective client checks your availability and fills out your form, you will be notified immediately by text message on your cell phone or PDA. The text message will contain essential event information, including the client’s name, event date, event type, and call back number.

Why does this work? In this industry, many times the first company to talk to a prospective client is the one who gets the booking. Think about how many times you called back a prospective client only to find out they already booked with another service. So give yourself a head start! There is nothing more impressive than calling a prospective client literally seconds after they land on your website. Whether you are a full time company out at a meeting or on a job, or you are a part time company trying to run things from your “day job,” you are all but guaranteed to be the first company to speak with the client, vastly improving your chances of booking the event.


We’ve included an optional bonus step for companies with a little money left in their marketing budget to invest. The above 3 steps are most effective when your website is generating traffic from brides and party planners. Even just small increases in traffic can multiply your success. What is the best way to increase QUALIFIED traffic to your website immediately? By investing in enhanced listings on leading wedding & party directories! Online directories are searched by thousands of brides and party planners every day looking for professional vendors to help make their event memorable. The cost is just a fraction of what you might spend on print advertising (i.e. yellow pages) and can outperform results. For most companies, just one additional booking pays for the entire year of advertising. Enhanced listings allow you to list under multiple cities, link to your website & email, and include a description of your services. But most importantly, enhanced listings appear at the top of the search results, above your competition… increasing your chances of being contacted.

Get listed today! DJ Intelligence® has formed exclusive partnerships with the leading online directories so you can integrate your Availability Checker directly into your enhanced listings. This means that in under a minute’s time, a bride or party planner can perform a search on Google, click through to a directory, find your listing, check your availability, and fill out your contact form… and you can be calling them from the text message you received on your cell phone or PDA! And if you’re not available, you can use your Referral Network to redirect the prospective client to your colleagues! Companies are reporting receiving as many as 4 times (4X) more leads from online directories when integrating their Availability Checker. Directories we are integrated with: http://Planning.ProDJ.com, http://www.DiscJockeys.com, http://www.MyPartyPlanner.com, http://www.MyWedding-Online.com, and http://www.PartyPlannerUSA.com.

The features in steps 1 through 3 are already included with your DJ Intelligence® account, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by putting them to the test! We are confident you will experience positive results almost immediately. Optionally implement the bonus step to book significantly more events through your website. Don’t use DJ Intelligence® yet? Bypass the $9.95 trial fee and set up with a no cost 2 month trial. If you have any questions or comments regarding DJ Intelligence®, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime, 24 hours a day: http://support.intelligenceinc.com

Wishing you a successful 2009 and beyond,

DJ Intelligence®
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