3 Social Media Hacks Inspired by the Jetsons

July 27, 2017 by Staci Nichols

Remember how “The Jetsons” had that automated kitchen? Well, that’s going to be you with social media from now on! What if I told you you could do all your social media posting in just one day out of the month and spend the other 29 days not worrying about it? You just need the right tools. Please step into the Jetson’s social media kitchen with me now…

Yep! Just schedule your social media posts the same way you can with blog posts or calendar reminders. Check out, for example, one of the most popular and established social media automation platforms, Hoot Suite, to see what’s up. In a nutshell, you connect your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts to Hoot Suite. On your dashboard, not only can you see all the comments, retweets, and likes you need to respond to, but you you can see feeds of specific hashtags you are following and leave your own comments and likes on others’ posts…right from the Hoot Suite dashboard. And automating your posts or tweets is as easy as clicking a few buttons on the Hoot Suite calendar.

I use Hoot Suite to schedule about 90% of my Instagram posts and have used it to post a “Song of the Day” on Twitter. I have a folder where I save interesting memes and photos that I see, then once a month, I go into my folder of saved images and schedule at least one a day for Instagram. On days when I’m actually DJing an event, I will generally post twice to Instagram—one that was scheduled and one on the fly at the event.


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