3 Simple Steps for Creating (And Maintaining) Happy Wedding Clients

October 5, 2018 by Vanessa Joy


We’ve all been there. The stress, the anxiety, and heartbreak you feel when one of your clients is upset with you, or worse, is flat-out angry and lashing out. If you haven’t had a client turn from Jekyll to Hyde, then consider yourself lucky. Fortunately, we can head off clients problems before they start by following 3 easy steps to maintaining client satisfaction.


Hindsight is 20-20 so learning to spot a problem client before they become a client can be tricky, but it’ll save both you and your client a lot of misery later on. You have to decide what the red flags are for you because they’re not necessarily the same for everyone. For example, some DJs might consider it a problem client if they are handed a list of 100 songs she demands be played. Others would see that as a plus. One DJ may think that a client who insists on nothing but pure silence from the emcee. Another DJ would only want clients who let them be creative on the mic.

Determine what your red flags are, (i.e. personalities clashing, an uninterested groom, an overbearing mother of the bride) and decide at that point whether you want to work with the client or not. There’s no sense in taking on a client that will ultimately make both of your lives miserable for the next 18 months – it’s not worth the paycheck.


Having a system that pertains to your wedding workflow is one thing, but developing a system for clients is a completely separate task. You want to have a system that keeps communication open with your wedding clients at all times so they know what to expect and when to expect it. This builds trust between you and your client and heads off potential problems that arise when there is a lack of communication. For what my exact workflow looks like, check out my templates in the 17Hat’s Marketplace (available only to 17Hats users).

Having consistent communication is a main goal of mine. Keeping clients informed of what’s happening and what they can expect next will head off not only potential problems but a slew of emails and questions from clients as well.

Personally, I love creating videos like this informative video you see on the bottom here. I send these to my clients to let them know next steps. It’s WAYYYYY better than sending an email that they don’t read!


When it comes to consumer psychology, how a client feels is everything. So, make them feel important by giving them your best. Obviously, we want to give clients our best photography, but to them, that’s what they’re paying for. Find ways to exceed their expectations elsewhere and look for opportunities to make them happy. I like to do this by giving surprise gifts, like a marriage book when they book with me, a same-day album the night of their wedding, and occasionally a freebie upgrade (that doesn’t cost me much, but means the world to them). When you under-promise and over-deliver, you’ll find happy clients every time.Eet your Marketingan Today

Ideally, you’ll want to make sure that your business is loaded with amazing customer service that will help deter problems before they start. Here are the principles I live by and how I operate my studio to make sure that my clients are happy and value what I do as a NYC and NJ Wedding Photographer.

Even with all of your best efforts, a bad client, a bad experience or a mess up on your end will creep into your life at some point or another. When it happens, take a deep breath, and put yourself in their shoes before responding. Know it happens to the best of us and take it all in stride.


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