3 Safety Tips for Spooky Strobe Lights

October 11, 2011 by CHAUVET DJ

by Allan Reiss, product manager for CHAUVET® Club/DJ

Do you remember the scary flickering skull you saw at a haunted house when you were a kid? Or the mocking laughter of a pumpkin brought to life by a mysterious light as it leered at you from the neighbor’s yard? You may find yourself asking, “Is my party scary enough?” When in doubt, the answer is strobe lights. These easy-to-use yet intense effect lights add to the overall horror effect, keep you on edge, distract you and magnify sensations at your Halloween party or haunted house.

Before you run wild with these lights, make sure you know how to use them and more importantly how to use them safely.

1. There is a risk for seizures! Some people, children and especially epileptic children are sensitive to the fast flickering of strobes, and can experience discomfort. Some doctors argue that this can trigger seizures. To cover your back and just to be considerate, place a warning sign at the entrance of your haunted home or simply let your friends know that strobes are used at your party.

2. Don’t blind your visitors and guests! Be mindful where you position the strobes, the point is to animate scary objects, not scared kids! It makes more sense to angle the flickering light on a dusty skeleton, and make it look like it’s slowly moving, than to direct it towards people.

3. Watch for disoriented kids! Strobe lights can disorient kids, especially if you use them at the end of narrow hallways, so make sure that people don’t get more terrified than necessary during what’s-supposed-to-be a fun Halloween.

Since I know you will be following these tips and using these lights responsibly, here’s my tip for choosing a strobe that is so easy to use and efficient.

CHAUVET® Mini Strobe™ LED is a tiny strobe, LED-powered, with an adjustable strobe rate. It fits anywhere: on the floor, on the ceiling, in a tight corner. Its super-bright white color pulses light on objects for frightening effects. It’s easy to use, plug-and-play right out of box, and comes in a compact case.


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