3 Must Do’s For Video Marketing Part 2

August 27, 2019 by Mitch Taylor

This week we finish off our article of 3 Must Do’s for Video Marketing.  Here’s #2.

  1. Be Presentable – Dirty little secret in the DJ world is attractiveness.  No one wants to have a slovenly looking person on a microphone in front of their family and friends or sweating profusely behind turntables when you’re just standing there.  Everything about you from your clothes to your hair to your setup speaks. Be sure it’s conveying the right message.
  2. The Length.  Don’t go for long shots that last for :05 or more.  Don’t go for videos that are over 2:00. Keep it short so that your clients will view it.  Different angles and viewpoints are your friends. Have something that will be attention grabbing at the start and don’t forget to leave them with a memorable piece that will make them want to contact you.  

By focusing on these key elements of branding and video, you’ll ensure that your marketing is on point, your branding will stand head and shoulders above the rest.  You may not have that real estate in Times Square, but you’ll be recognized for being one of if not THE leader in your marketplace.


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