2nd Annual State of the DJ Industry Report – By Matt Martindale

July 19, 2018 by Matt Martindale

Mobile Beat is proud to present the second annual “State of the DJ Industry” survey with questions and data compiled and analyzed by in-house economics nerd and MBLV presenter, Matt Martindale. (Matt@MattMartindale.com). The second installment of this extensive survey has revealed some distinct industry trends.

The value of the information to your business is simple: 51% of those that responded for this survey, said they also participated in the 2016 State of the DJ Industry Survey. Of those that did, 72% said they read the report, and 43% said they made changes to their business in 2017 as a result of the data, which helped them spot trends, adapt and became a valuable
planning/forecasting tool. Nearly half said it helped their revenues increase as a result.

Read the rest of this article and check out the full issue at mobilebeat.com also thanks to QSC for sponsoring in part this issue of Mobile Beat.

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