2020 The Year of No Resolutions

December 31, 2019 by Michael Cordeiro

As the final hours of 2019 count down many of you are preparing to rock in the New Year at a club or private event. God bless ya. For the second time in twenty years I’m actually off. I don’t really mind at all. December was crazy and after 29 years in the industry I’m happy to be able to kiss my wife in person at midnight instead of phoning it in from some venue. I’ll be comfortably sitting at home in my PJ’s enjoying munchies and a nice scotch on the rocks watching the ball drop.

That being said, I’m happy 2019 is almost over. Business wise it was a solid year. On a personal level 2019 was challenging to say the least. No love lost when that ball drops tonight. I am really looking forward to 2020 though. I just have this gut feeling that this year will bring lots of change, growth and excitement. Time will tell.

One thing I am not doing for 2020 is making resolutions. I never stick to them. Honestly, does anyone? Making resolutions is so last decade. Instead, I’ve opted to set some personal and business goals that challenge me to grow on every level. What’s the difference? Most resolutions lack substance and intent.

For instance, take weight loss. Just saying, “I resolve to lose weight” without quantifying and qualifying that statement with a schedule of intent and specific short and long term goals is exactly why you fail six weeks into it. The same can be said of going to the gym or saving money or any other bad habit you want to change or fix in your life.

I guess we’ve all just become so accustomed to the ball drop being emblematic of a reset button and starting gun. It’s January first I’ve got a clean slate. Now what do I do? Run. Forest Run! Time is fluid. Life is a spider web of chance and interaction. Stop trying to run the gauntlet in a straight line. Be more proactive and less reactive.

What’s my plan? I’m working on filling up my 2020 calendar with lots of education like attending MBLV24. I’m scheduling date nights with my wife and family trips. I’m creating a nice big vision board with what I want my life to evolve into on a personal, spiritual and financial note. I’m also challenging myself to read a new book each week and spend more time networking and learning from mentors. Health wise, I’m setting some tough goals at the gym. Train harder, sweat more, eat better.

Spiritually, I want to live more in the moment and see people as they are on the inside. There’s always room to do more charity work and pay it forward when you can.
While everyone else is waiting for that ball to drop at midnight, I’m already off and running. Why wait to get started enjoying the rest of your life? Take the ball drop out of the equation. Be safe. Rock your gigs tonight and Crush the shit out of 2020!
-Mad Mike

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