20 Reasons to Use Wireless DMX

January 16, 2012 by CHAUVET DJ

by Allan Reiss, CHAUVET® DJ Product Manager

Wouldn’t you like to save more time and be on top of your game when setting up a gig? You’re organized, informed, you definitely know what you’re doing, so why not make your DJ life easier by using wireless DMX? It’s easy, neat and efficient. Still in doubt? Here you have 20 reasons for going wireless.

1. Save so much time when setting up your show – no more cables!
2. Look more professional and geeky.
3. Not running feet of cables makes for a clean and simple setup.
4. Easy to use transmitter/receiver. With the CHAUVET® D-Fi™ Plus, for example, the same data can be used on both ends.
5. The transmitter/receiver units are light and easy to handle.
6. Don’t have to use gaff tape that can get sticky and make a mess.
7. Minimize chances of cable-related accidents and avoid tripping hazards.
8. Don’t have to spend a lot of time putting together your rig after the show.
9. Don’t have to sweat rolling up cables once the show is done. You can get from show to bar in no time.
10. If organizing is not your forte, go wireless and don’t worry about neatly folding cables.
11. Book more events – people notice and hire the best and most up-to-date DJs.
12. Perfect for uplighting columns or pillars, where the use of cables becomes difficult.
13. Save money on gaff tape.
14. Impress your client with your efficiency.
15. Make room in your van for more lights when transporting your rig. The CHAUVET® D-Fi™ Plus for example weights only 0.8 lbs and measures 6.1in x3.1in x1.3in.
16. All wireless transmitter/receivers use any universal DMX-512 controller.
17. With the D-Fi™ Plus you can use multiple units to transmit and receive up to nine universes of DMX.
18. Minimal setup and physical effort required.
19. Easier to use outdoors than cables.
20. Just make your DJ life easier.


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