20 Reasons to Create Custom Gobos

November 28, 2011 by CHAUVET DJ

by Allan Reiss, CHAUVET DJ Product Manager

Gobos add a personal touch to events. Brides are willing to pay extra to see their new initials projected on the dance floor, graduating classes love seeing their year displayed brightly on the wall and corporations are proud to see their logo. Ordering gobos, especially custom gobos, can be a time consuming and expensive process. Have you considered creating custom gobos? They are inexpensive to make (print your own on transparency film at home), easy to work with and reusable at other events. Need more reasons? How about 20. Read on.

20. Significantly cheaper than glass or metal gobos.
19. Don’t have to wait for it to arrive.
18. Create a gobo with anything you desire.
17. LEDs won’t melt your transparency film.
16. Reuse gobos you create.
15. Easy upsell item for a wedding.
14. Personalize any event.
13. Create and use in the same day.
12. Don’t need special software — any art-based program will work.
11. Cost of supplies is significantly less than the cost of ordering one.
10. All supplies can be bought locally.
9. Create a gobo with your logo to tastefully market yourself before and after events.
8. Use the same gobo for multiple applications.
7. Create any size gobo your fixture requires.
6. Gobos made from transparency film are less fragile than glass gobos.
5. Can easily create patterns to match the theme of the event.
4. Flexibility to project what you want, where you want when you want.
3. Quickly and easily correct design errors or last minute changes.
2. Design and print multiple designs on the same sheet of transparency film.
1. Your client wants one.

Click here to watch the “How to Create Custom Gobos” video.


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