2-Step Guide to Plug-and-Play Fixtures

August 26, 2011 by CHAUVET DJ

by Allan Reiss, product manager for CHAUVET®

If you’re looking to host a party or small event, plug-and-play fixtures can change the entire atmosphere. Before making an investment in a new fixture, read below to ensure you make the right decision.

Step 1 – Ask yourself these questions:
Do I want simple operation or do I want programmable lights?
What type of effects do these fixtures project?
What can I expect to see from these lights?
How many fixtures will I need?

Step 2 – Remember these facts:
1. Simple to use
You literally plug it in and let it operate. These fixtures include a built-in microphone to trigger sound-activated programs that move and groove to the beat of the music. The built-in automatic programs continue to operate even if there is no sound present.

2. Multiple beams
There is no programming or customization required. If you’re looking to create a customized show, you should consider a fixture with DMX instead. Plug-and-play fixtures create desired effects by using multiple beams and motion.

3. Expect effects
Effect lights do just that – create an effect. Different fixtures can project multicolored, razor-sharp beams, moonflower effects, flame effects and more.

4. Size is everything
The size of your venue and type of event will help determine how many and what types of fixtures you will need to include in your set up. There are two quick-and-easy steps to setting up your rig, as well as selecting effect lights.

Quick tip! – If your venue permits it, add a little bit of fog or haze to the room so your guests see the beams and really get the full effect.


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