2 Reasons To Consider Outdoor-rated Lighting

March 1, 2013 by CHAUVET DJ

by Allan Reiss, CHAUVET® DJ Product Manager

Has this ever happened to you? You arrive to your outdoor gig early to set up — ensuring yourself enough time to do everything you need to do without being rushed. You go over your client’s lighting request, start running cables, connecting fixtures and putting everything in its place. Suddenly, the rain starts. It begins to drizzle and you scramble to collect all of your gear before it gets ruined and saturated with water. Now what? The event hasn’t even started yet, your gear isn’t in its place and you just wasted all that time setting up and tearing down. Have you ever considered outdoor-rated lighting? If you find yourself doing a lot of outdoor gigs, or having to turn down outdoor gigs because the weather in your area is finicky, here are two reasons why you should consider incorporating it into to your rig.

Let’s be honest, no matter what the meteorologists say, weather is unpredictable. Portable outdoor lighting designed for mobile applications is rated IP65 to temporarily withstand the strongest rainstorms without having to be covered or brought inside. These fixtures can also endure cold temperatures and snow. If your bride wants the trees illuminated outside the reception hall at her January wedding in New York, it’s not a problem. Keep in mind that while these fixtures can endure rain, humidity, mud and snow for the duration of your event, they are not designed to have a permanent home outdoors so make sure to pick them up afterwards.

Lighting the bar at any event always adds a nice visual element. However, if the bartender accidently spills a drink on the light that you placed behind the bar or if the ice bucket is slowly dripping on the fixture all night, who is responsible for the damaged light? The bartender is certainly not going to cover the cost and you’re suddenly out $200. Outdoor-rated fixtures don’t always have to be used outdoors. They are ideal for lighting wet bars at restaurants, weddings and any other event where there is potential for accidents to happen. Trust me, they happen when you least expect it.

Outdoor-rated lighting ensures you have the right type of fixture for every type of event. You will never have to turn down a gig just because it’s at an outdoor venue, worry if the sky looks cloudy the day of your event or tell a bride that she can’t have outdoor lighting at her January wedding in New York. You will open up your ability to cater to any and every type of event and never miss out on another gig, which will put more money in your pockets.

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