2 Easy Tips for Laser-filled Halloweens

October 25, 2011 by CHAUVET DJ

by Allan Reiss, product manager for CHAUVET® Club/DJ

Do you want to see how cool your Halloween party can get? You can bring in as many skulls, mummies and fake bloody human parts you want, but nothing will get as cool as lasers! Sharp, eye-catching and colorful, lasers should not be skipped when planning for Halloween. Lasers are special due to their unique concentrated beam that stays the same width even when it travels long distances. But what makes it so interesting can also pose a hazard to those who come in its path. When you are using lasers for Halloween, whether it’s for a haunted house or for a party, be careful how you place them. Just follow these quick suggestions and may the laser be with you!

1. Don’t ‘laser’ people’s faces. Position the lasers so they wouldn’t shine directly on your guests or in their face at eye level. Most lasers are class IIIa, which can cause severe damage if they hit the eye. To avoid any accidents, no matter how unlikely it may seem, just focus your laser at still inanimate scary objects.

2. Reflected laser light is just as powerful! Even if you were careful enough to position lasers correctly, follow the beam and ensure it doesn’t reflect into a mirror or other shiny surface. Due to its nature, the reflected laser beam is almost as powerful and can still cause damage to the eye.

For you being a responsible laser user, my reward is a cool tip on two even cooler lasers that will safely brighten your Halloween and help you build the haunted house of your dreams – or nightmares…

Perfect to set a Halloween mood, Cirrus™ and Eclipse™ from CHAUVET® are two aerial lasers that will get you all wrapped up in their spider web-style effects. Cirrus™ gives a green and red lumia effect combined with a blue LED ripple effect, to create one unique laser. It has three operating modes: manual, automatic and sound activated. Plus, it’s versatile with separate controls for lasers and LED. The Eclipse™ adds an exciting red and green laser star field to a deep blue, high power LED aura effect. The independently controllable lasers with the fully dimmable LED illumination create an awe-inspiring look that is equally effective with or without fog.

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