DJ Tips In Under A Minute: Top Hits USA Music Service

August 23, 2018 by DJ Jay

All right. DJ tips in under a minute, another music company to look at. And what I like is this company, Top Hits U.S.A. They actually send you out a disk, it’s an MP3/DVD/ROM and this one has 16 CDs’ worth of MP3s on it. So you put this in the computer, you rip it into your hard drive and you’re done, but here’s your backup, which is kind of cool, you’ve got a disk. They offer it on each month. Let me just put this one down. Here’s another month, here’s July. Again, I think this one has 15 CDs in MP3 format, all 320s and they offer video. So if you’re looking for a source out there for your videos, these come in MPEG-4s on a DVD and these come in MP3s, 320k. So another company to look at. This is Top Hits U.S.A., tips in under a minute.


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