10 Fun Trivia Theme Nights

September 23, 2015 by DigiGames

“ideas and tips on 10 themes to expand your trivia services and entertain your meadowhall-las-vegas-themed-evenings018-300x225customers……and keep that money coming in”

In the wide world of being a trivia host I often get can asked “Can you provide trivia on x x x x “ or “Do you do rounds on y y y y”.  The answer is always a positive one because, as in any line of work, the customer is always right. If you do not provide a particular trivia service to a customer, someone else will and you will find you are pushed to the back of the queue. Lets have a look at some of the common theme nights you could run and some useful tips and advice on each one.

10 Fun Trivia Theme Nights

Pop Culture

Let us begin with the biggest demand of all. People, in most trivia nights, want to be entertained. They don’t necessarily want to know the ins and outs of historical events or have to remember things they have not done since school. They want to have fun and be able to answer questions on things they care about, or at least have heard of. This is where pop culture comes in. Play it right, cover all areas and ideas and eras and you will please your audience. If it’s a music bar, run a dedicated music trivia night covering all areas! Concentrate on things people may have seen lately or the cinemas or the latest songs in charts mixed with nostalgia questions for the older folk and you are on to a winner.


Always a popular theme and one in which people can, even if they don’t know it have a guess. Questions that begin “What capital city…” or “In which country…” can always be worked out or at least a sensible guess made. Flags, outlines of countries, national anthems, pictures of famous places can all be used to spice up the night. Former names of countries and cities are popular, questions on US States. Then that’s not to mention Rivers, Seas and Mountains. People love answering questions on places they have visited so popular tourist spots will be great.



Always goes down well but you have to be careful so as not to be too obscure. If you are asking questions about British PMS or Romans Emperors make it the obvious ones. If you are asking for dates, stick to events everyone will know. History is a tricky field to get something people will enjoy but pull it off and it can have customers flocking back for more.


Local Trivia

This will always serve to give your night a unique feel as it shows people you are caring about them and their area and not just reeling off questions after questions that anyone can answer.  Local news, local bands, local sports teams….all are going to make people feel more involved and more interested than if you are asking about places miles away of sports teams from other cities.

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