Your phone personality can kill the DJ deal

April 15, 2011 by Ric Hansen

A 20 second phone message can kill a DJ deal. Answering a call sounding like you are half dead, hung over or dodging a creditor can speak volumes about your personality and even your performance.

Your public persona typically starts with a phone call and that is the very first point of contact….your first impression. The opportunity is huge to make a powerful impact. It is your first opportunity to endear your prospective client. Yet that “first impression” is so many times not only wasted but in fact sabotages your chance to make a friend, fan or client out of the caller.

I call and talk to lots of DJs around the country and it is amazing to me how dull, lifeless and un-inspired (sometimes even rude) the conversation is. Sad.

Keep in mind: this is show biz. Don’t loose track of that. The expectation is that the DJ will be upbeat, fun, and exude a sense of confidence and positive personality. When the phone rings your performance switch should click ON. People love doing business with people they learn to know, like and trust. How quickly you create a rapport with your caller will be directly proportionate to your ability to create a new friend on the phone.

Then there is the Voice Mail message. Does it sparkle…does it give a good representation of you and your personality? I experimented with the Voice Mail message at Radio Parties and on a lark decided to really ham it up, have fun with it. Its a little wacky, yes, but it jumps out and makes an impression. I am continually amazed at the unsolicited positive comments from clients, potential clients, DJs and friends. It’s just a voice mail message, but it’s different, fun and lets the caller know right off the bat we are fun entertainers. Not dull, lifeless and boring. (Call it and take a listen 800 954 3535). Then take a minute and write a cool message for your greeting. (If you want, I’d be more than happy to record the greeting if you write it.)

Shake it up, have fun, and explode with personality. The phone is maybe one of the most misused marketing tools at your daily disposal.

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