Your bonus for coming early to MBLV09 – 6 FREE additional seminars!!

December 11, 2008 by Michael Buonaccorso

Your bonus for coming early to MBLV09- 6 FREE additional seminars!!

Every year, our statistics show about 75% of show attendees arrive sometime Monday, realizing Tuesday events start early in the morning. So this year, rather than wandering aimlessly on the Las Vegas Strip or losing money at the tables, we’ve added a little more value for you on Monday, February 16.

Registration & badge pickup will begin at 11:00 AM and then enjoy one or more of SIX additional sessions added to the schedule at NO ADDITIONAL COST! Here’s the Monday lineup which begins at NOON:

Inspire Yourself, Inspire Your Clients, Inspire Your Peers Paul Kida, The DJ Coach
An interactive experience that will bring out the best in all DJs. Find out just who you are as a DJ and where you are going. Discover your hidden talents, learn how to rise above mediocrity and better yourself no matter what level of professionalism you are currently at. Find out how to transfer YOUR passion to prospective clients, opening their eyes to how a genuine professional DJ can create a truly momentous event. This seminar will NOT help you think “outside the box”, it will simply Blow the Box Away!!!… and show you that your true potential is beyond your present thinking. Then take the plunge as you inspire your fellow DJs become the best they can!

Got Profit? Find Out What Your Business Is Really Telling You Shawn Kelly
Profit and Loss-two of the most important words to any business owner. Learn how to maximize your profit by properly accounting for all your expenses, Shawn will translate the jargon and financial language into plain English. See the importance of accounting for all business expenses and how it relates to profitability for your business.

Expanding your Markets with Ethnic Music David Beal
With the increase in multi-ethnic weddings, the need for a versatile, diverse DJ is a growing demand. Expanding your knowledge of ethnic music is not only welcomed by your client, but it will also broaden your skills as a professional DJ. Having the ability to accommodate potential clients by addressing their special needs in relation to their ethnic background could increase your sales. David will show you how to explore new avenues in the way of playing music not only ethnic but combining mainstream hits as well. Learn to come out of your comfort zone and expand your business by reaching out to different ethnic groups.

How To Profit from Working with Non-Profit Organizations
Rob Peters and Mike Fernino A discussion of IRS regulations that affect donations of DJ services as deductible charitable contributions, as well as ways to work around the system, including ways to use such performances to increase bookings for your mobile DJ business, how to determine if the request for your services for a fundraiser is actually going to allow you to be able to create a tax deductible contribution, and the benefits of the exposure that you can create for your mobile DJ business by working with non-profit organizations. hosted by Rob And Steve with Steve producing and recording for the DJIdeaSharing Podcast Network.

DJ Idea Sharing presents “The Fish Bowl “
This seminar will also be hosted by Mike Fernino and Rob Peters, and produced and recorded for the DJIdeaSharing Podcast Network by Steve Fernino. The Fishbowl concept runs through a large number of pre-selected questions on a variety of industry topics, so come prepared to think fast!

Supplement your DJ income… WITH DJ INCOME!!! Stu Chisholm
When tough economic times take their toll, many mobile DJs scramble to take a side job, or — egad — change careers altogether! Yet what if you don’t have to? Come take a guided tour of all of the other places a DJ might work beyond the wedding reception. Learn what all DJs have in common, the ins and outs of jobs you may never thought of and the many ways you can put your existing talents to use in an industry that may be even bigger than you think!

These exciting kickoff sessions end around 4 PM giving you plenty of time to get ready to meet old friends and make new ones at the traditional Mobile Beat Welcome Party with doors opening at 6 PM at Top of the Riv,with entertainment by The Twins Dueling Pianos Show : the only all-female and identical twin dueling pianos show in the world! So register now and arrive early, it’s going to be our best show ever!

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