X-Laser SkyWriter Animation Laser On ClubWorld Awards

March 8, 2009 by Mobile Beat

The X-Laser SkyWriter Animation Laser On ClubWorld Awards Short List As Best Effect Laser Product For 2009

Following a “particularly fierce” competition among many laser manufacturers, ClubWorld’s 12-person committee of industry experts nominated X-Laser’s SkyWriter for the 2009 Best Effect Laser award (http://www.clubworld.us/). ClubWorld is the main source for every nightclub owner, manager, technician, designer, installer, promoter and DJ interested in the latest products, trends, and installations as they relate to the club market. According to ClubWorld Awards, “Another company that broke the effects mold this year was X-Laser. Its XA100G Skywriter uses accurate high-speed scanners to create aerial effects and custom graphics. The source of the extremely bright effect is a 100mW, 532nm DPSS green laser diode with electronic temperature control. It ships with more than 150 pre-programmed patterns, animations, and effects which can be mixed for innumerable variations. With all this power and possibilities it still only draws 40 watts at 110V.”

The SkyWriter is an affordable hybrid laser projector featuring both aerial effects and animated graphics. Using a high speed optical scanning galvo motor instead of the usual stepper motor, the aerial and graphic effects are incredibly smooth and visually exciting.

For real-time animated graphics and animated text effects, X-Laser also sells the X-Laser XA Live animation software using ILDA specifications. Within seconds of installation current customers have remarked how awesome it is to type in text and see it automatically projected on a surface.

All lasers from laser pointers to entertainment light shows need to be FDA certified and used safely. The instructive user manual contains a wealth of safety information as well as links to other online resources and laser safety training classes should you wish to find more information. Best of all, to help entertainers get started with our higher powered line of lasers, X-Laser also includes a FREE variance kit with your purchase. X-Laser wants you to have a safe, fun, and memorable laser light show experience.

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