Where do you get your inspiration?

September 15, 2015 by Geoff Carlisle

What inspires you? Who inspires you? How do you get your inspiration?

One of my challenges after being in this industry for 33 plus years is to find inspiration. It’s not hard to find if you are in the right state of mind. But a lot of times we are caught up in the moment or recovering from the crazy run of events from the last few days.

I first turn to industry leaders to see what they are doing & creating. What type of “wow” have they done lately? Where are they headed with their career & goals? Get to know some industry leaders personally. I have the opportunity of being a member of the DJ Think Tank group with some incredible industry leaders. We meet 2-3 times a year to collaborate & share. But the best part is that I can reach out to any of them at any time for guidance, suggestions & inspiration!images

Next, I look at professionals outside my industry. People who exceed in their profession & show their craft in a different way. These people could be in the national speaker’s arena or a photographer or even a caterer. I want to know what sets them apart & how I can learn from them. We all have similar challenges and we have all have similar triumphs!

Finally I look at everyday people. Your friends that are always showing you their smiling face or absolute strangers that just give you an energetic feeling when you meet them. Stop to truly ask them how they are & what is going on in their life. Being sincere & connecting on a personal level is the secret. Their stories of what they have endured & experiences that they have had always inspires me.


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Geoff Carlisle has owned and operated JAMM Entertainment Services, Inc in the Birmingham, Alabama area for over 33 years. His company does over 400 events a year including Full Event Production, Energetic DJs, Photo Booths & Décor Lighting. They specialize in creating a custom design approach for each client and. Overall JAMM Entertainment Services will provide event services for a wide range of clients this year including Colleges, Schools, Weddings, Corporate & Non-Profit Organizations. Geoff is also special in the DJ industry as he was the co-presenter of the School dance seminar at the first Mobile Beat DJ Show and Conference in 1997, since then he has spoken at several other Mobile Beat DJ shows, & collaborated with many national entertainment company owners.

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