When Backup Gear Goes Bad by Matt Martindale

October 15, 2016 by Matt Martindale

Asimple question: How much redundancy in gear is adequate? Honestly, it’s hard to tell for sure, until you really need it—right? There are many DJs who brag that they bring back up gear (or have a “back up plan”), but when reality hits, the question is, is two of something, or two of everything truly enough?174-18-19

Sadly, a lot of local DJs in my neck of the woods count their “back up gear” as literally nothing more than an extra speaker cord, and a screwdriver. Seriously. For others, their back-up gear is only part of an “emergency plan,” that IF something breaks or doesn’t work at that moment, they’ll call their wife or teenage kid at home (assuming they are home) and ask them to find the special “doohickey” or “thingamajig” and bring it up, or send them to go buy it (assuming they even know what it is or where to look…), then drive it to the event in a timely manner. What about when the venue is 90 minutes away? Lastly, all the large multi DJ, multi-system companies leave a single DJ on call and an unused set of gear at the office as the back up….then rely on the on-call DJ to run gear out in the event of a problem. Seriously? What happens during the down time? How long until they arrive? Talk about ruining a wedding!

Back-up gear, a complete set, on site, is a must! A wedding is way too important to leave to chance. I’m saying a complete and
full back-up system is critical. I’m talking two computers, an extra mixer, two sets of all cabling, extra speakers, yes, even speaker stands, extra mics, literally everything.

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