When a wedding referral source gets fired

October 18, 2008 by Andy Ebon

pink-slip-panic.jpgEarlier this week, one my clients lost her job. She was a competent, hard worker, and pulled in the appropriate sales numbers for her company.

She handled events in a banquet facility for a dinner-house, video poker bar, live entertainment room, and separate banquet facility.

The other day, she received a text message from her boss indicating the business would be closing that morning (details are irrelevant). She called him to confirm the bad news.

Game over for her, but there is more.

Like many facilities, she subcontracted for various rentals and services. She had a ‘house-DJ’ who had become quite dependent on her flow of business. He had not found it necessary to do much marketing for holiday business, this year.

All of a sudden, his company is in big trouble.

CAUTION: If you are highly dependent for wedding referrals from one company or one person at a company, and they are fired, let go, or the business closes, you are up the creek without a paddle (that’s a technical term).

This little story is quite contained. However, if you are dealing with one person, in an office of six, and you haven’t developed relationships with the other five, you are officially tempting fate.

Do an inventory of referral sources, and both cement and widen the relationships. If the unpredictable happens, you will be better prepared.

Don’t just wait. Be proactive.

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