Whatever is obviously outdated, needs fixing

November 4, 2008 by Andy Ebon

out-dated-sign.jpgThe image of the sign in this post appears in the office of one of my doctors. It lives behind the glass, facing the hoards of patients, killing time in the waiting room.

In the last couple of years, I’ve spent way too much time in waiting rooms. I’ve read every magazine, worked on my laptop, and considered every possible piece of good or bad news that might face me when I actually get in to see the doctor.

The sign posts a change of insurance acceptance from May 15, 2007. HELLO! It’s now November 2008. Either remove the date or remove the sign.

The sign is a symbol of internal blindness that many small business owners suffer from. We don’t notice obvious evidence that the external faces of our businesses is covered with cobwebs.

  • Does your website boast?: Last updated 10/7/06
  • Do you have trouble opening documents sent to you, by email, because your software is more than two versions old?
  • Does your company logo look like it was designed in the late 1970’s?
  • When your crew shows up to deliver or set up, are they wearing Grateful Dead t-shirts, or polo shirts, sporting your company name?

Time flies, and we have a different threshold of awareness when it comes to ourselves, or our businesses. Designing and implementing a new logo is a big deal. Others tasks… not so much.

Get an outside opinion. A fresh set of eyes and ears. In a time when money is tight, you’ll be surprised how many actions you can take to bring matters up to date, without spending a king’s ransom.

Once you figure out what those tasks are, you actually have to perform them.

You can do it!

Andy Ebon
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