What should DJs include in their casino playlists?

June 19, 2017 by Mobile Beat

Every working DJ knows that their occupation can take them to some pretty unexpected locations. But it seems that some of the world’s biggest superstar DJs are being attracted to the bright lights of casino resorts like Las Vegas.

Entertainment hotspots like Las Vegas and Atlantic City are quickly becoming real epicentres of dance culture. Events like Mobile Beat Las Vegas at the Tropicana have become popular yearly extravaganzas of DJ entertainment, and whilst people can travel from far afield to these musical events, they all require some top quality music.

So what can we do to ensure that everybody has a good time and we don’t let them even think about leaving the dancefloor?

Like any DJ set, it all depends upon the venue and the general vibe of the room. Some of the famous pool parties in Las Vegas will definitely require more of a relaxed feel than the full-on techno sets that take place in the middle of the night.

And whilst most DJ performances are invariably targeted towards younger audiences, it’s also important to remember that many of these casino resort hotels tend to attract older demographics too, so it can be a good idea to slip some retro hits in there too to keep everyone happy.

But in terms of what should make up the playlist for a night of casino gaming, it’s clear that you’ll want something that keeps people’s gaming activity feeling unhurried and nicely casual.

More and more people are now gambling at home thanks to the helpful service of online casino blogs like New Jersey Online Casinos, and so you’ll want to create a playlist that’s equally suitable for home entertainment as well as for those gamers who are out and about.

Whilst there are plenty of old-fashioned songs about casino games, artists like Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley probably aren’t going to fit very well in a dance music playlist.

But this is where an inventive remix of a track like Lady Gaga’s Poker Face can work wonders as it’s a feel-good track with an awesome beat that can add a knowing wink to the gaming action.

But despite all of the options, it’s like any other event where the DJ needs to notice the mood of the audience and give them a suitable soundtrack to keep them having fun well into the night.

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