What is QuickRake and How can it help my DJ company?

May 14, 2012 by Mobile Beat Staff Writer

What is QuickRake?

QuickRake is the easiest way to collect song requests for your events.

How Did QuickRake Start?

This idea originated when I recently had the opportunity to DJ a corporate holiday party this past December. The event coordinator told me that all the employees wanted to request songs for the holiday party. In a couple of days I developed the first prototype of QuickRake which allowed all employees to log in and submit their song requests. Within 2 days I received over 65 song requests and for me as a DJ knew what type of music they wanted hear at their corporate party.

At the time, my co-founder and I were talking about possible ideas to build a startup around. He mentioned that we should try making QuickRake a real product and bring it to market because the prototype showed signs of promise.

What Can QuickRake do?

QuickRake gives you the ability to create an event page to collect song requests. Share your event pages with your clients and guests to know your audience and provide them with a better experience.

You can also include your business information on each event page so that your clients and guests can easily get in touch with you. This is a great way for you to market your business because they are shared among respective guests.

When using QuickRake you have a way to manage your past and future events (i.e. editing song requests, printing a song list, changing the name or date of the event, etc).

Check out QuickRake at http://www.quickrake.com. – Free Trial Accounts


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