What DJ’s need to know about cupcakes

September 3, 2008 by Andy Ebon

Cupcakes, you say. “What do cupcakes have to do with Wedding Marketing?”

Read on, for an outstanding small business success story and a casebook example of public relations wizardry.

The essence of Seth Godin‘s book, Purple Cow, is to create a product or service that is “remarkable.” Remarkable, in the sense that something about what you do is unusual, rare, excellent or fill-in-your-adjective-here that people will comment about it, to others. One advantage to ‘conversational referrals’ is that people who become customers tend to be less price sensitive.

One such Purple Cow was the subject of an outstanding business profile in the Las Vegas Sun, this morning. The business is The Cupcakery, and its owner, Pamela Jenkins, Cupcake Queen.

I first met Pamela, ever so briefly, at a bridal show a couple of years ago. She probably doesn’t remember me, but I remember the cupcakes. Like so many bakers at wedding shows, The Cupcakery was offering samples of their wares. In this case, mini-sized versions of a variety of their cupcakes.

Now incredibly delicious cupcakes dangerous for me, because I’m Diabetic. But, I had to try just one. After devouring one, the only problem was limiting myself.

The Southern Belle

The Southern Belle

Today’s profile really points out several things.

  1. When your product or service is markedly superior, people will notice, and tell others.
  2. There is nothing like good publicity to create even more awareness and new customers.
  3. Blogs, such as this one, amplify the value of publicity from other sources.
  4. Your local newspaper, business weekly, and other media outlets are always looking for interesting business profiles. Maybe yours?

Now, back to the cupcakes. If a business in this town really wants to make an impression on someone, they can have a dozen Cupcakery cupcakes delivered. It’s certainly several steps beyond bagels.

I imagine most people that taste one of these cupcakes become addicted rather easily. Addiction is, of course, the highest form of memorability.

What is it that your product or service offers that truly makes it remarkable, addictive, or otherwise memorable?

Read the full Las Vegas Sun Article.

Andy Ebon
The Wedding Marketing Authority

Pamela Jenkins (right) with Fergie

Pamela Jenkins (right) with Fergie

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