Vestax Ships the new PDX-3000MkII Pro DJ Turntable

December 28, 2010 by Mobile Beat

Vestax Ships the new PDX-3000MkII Pro DJ Turntable

Vestax is very pleased to announce the PDX-3000MKII professional turntable is now shipping. The PDX-3000MkII features a new high-precision platter, new digital torque simulator system, advanced MIDI pitch control capabilities, direct drive DC motor, anti-skipping tone arm system, and reverse mode.

The new high-precision platter is controlled by an advanced 32-bit digital servo motor that continuously optimizes the balance between the platter weight and rotary inertia enabling DJs to perform with more stability and accuracy. The digital servo firmware is the brain of the control circuitry and has been designed with a new torque simulator system, a first of its kind feature. DJs can use the torque simulator to adjust the rotation torque of the motor to their preference. The direct drive DC motor has a maximum torque of 4.7CN/cm, and reaches a constant speed within 0.5 seconds of pushing the start button.

The PDX-3000MkII provides DJs with the choice of Performance and Mix modes. Performance Mode provides rapid acceleration/deceleration and maintains a constant motor speed to keep the rhythm and pitch steady no matter how hard DJs spin and scratch, while Mix Mode, allows DJs enables precise rpm and pitch control with just the slightest touch.

The PDX-3000MkII includes Vestax’s patented and acclaimed Anti-Skipping Tone-arm System (A.S.T.S.). Designed to reduce the inner and outer force of the needle, ASTS technology suppresses horizontal vibrations, thus ensuring high sound quality and stable playback.

The PDX-3000MKII’s redesigned ultra pitch fader controls the pitch range by +/-50%. Combined with the fine pitch fader, a total pitch control of +/-60 % is possible. MIDI inputs are provided allowing external MIDI control of pih.

Vestax realizes the continued importance of professional turntables and is proud to offer the PDX-3000MkII, the perfect turntable to use for any style of DJing.

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