Using Trivia for Fundraisers

July 22, 2015 by DigiGames

If, like myself, you have been playing Trivia for some time then chances are you will have attended a charity fundraising event.  Indeed, you may also have hosted such an event which is a lot trickier than it may seems. However, with bags of experience I can hopefully provide you with a few basic tips to ensure effective use of Trivia for fundraisers.

First and foremost let us understand one thing. A Trivia fundraiser event is not your normal trivia occasions. Chances are it’s a one off, with much bigger venues and many more teams involved. It requires extra preparation and planning there is no doubt. You cannot effectively put together a trivia fundraising event in a matter of minutes. It needs weeks if not months of preparation. One major difference is you may be doing the event unpaid and therefore you are working for a good cause and I have found in the past this to be very inspiring and creative which has led to be spending much more time on a typical fundraiser trivia event than on a usual trivia night.

The planning begins with looking at a number of things. What technology is available? Can you play music? Will you have a screen etc etc? All this needs to be considered well in advance so you can start to put together the all important trivia questions. Then you need to consider the charity itself and the nature of the fundraising. Make sure questions are appropriate and you know what the cause is.

I don’t want to pressure you at all but if you are running a charity fund raising night then the people are relying on you to raise money and ensure people have a good time. The more people enjoy themselves the more people will donate. Provide extra events, prizes and quizzes and you will see the donations flock in. Provide boredom and the players will keep their money in the pockets and head home as soon as the event finishes.

One step to start considering early is getting prizes from local businesses. Go back to my previous post on how to get prizes for your trivia events and follow the steps mentioned but this time you have the whole charity aspect behind you. I won’t repeat the steps (see previous post) but simply head into local firms and get appropriate and fun prizes for your players. The venue you are hosting at may also be able to provide bottles of wine, spa vouchers or tokens of some sort. Get plenty of prizes!

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