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February 17, 2016 by Gregg Hollmann

coca_cola_popcornMusic at wedding cocktail hours can be fairly predictable. For those who like to think “outside the box”- consider this following “TV Themes Wedding Cocktail Hour” playlist. These tunes will surprise, delight and generate a sense of nostalgia for your wedding guests!

The playlist that follows was compiled by Gregg Hollmann, aka DJ Gregg Ambient – and features many of his favorite TV series and themes. Next to each song is listed in parentheses the years that the television series ran. For his signature cocktail, Gregg went non-alcoholic, selecting the American classic Coca-Cola, enjoyed with a side of popcorn. With so many series to choose from, feel free to create a custom playlist with your own favorite shows! Ask your wedding DJ for help in executing your custom wedding cocktail hour.

Be sure to scroll below the playlist to view video clips of each song

TV Themes Wedding Cocktail Hour Playlist

The Love Boat Theme Song – performed by Jack Jones, and later Dionne Warwick (1977-1986)
Charlie’s Angels Theme Song – composed by Jack Elliott & Allyn Ferguson (1976-1981)
Moonlighting Theme Song – performed by Al Jarreau (1985-1989)
Family Ties – (Without Us performed by Johnny Mathis & Deniece Williams) (1982 – 1989)
Who’s the Boss? – (Brand New Life performed by Larry Weiss) (1984 – 1992)
Dynasty Opening Theme Song – Bill Conti (1981- 1989)
Three’s Company Theme Song (1977-1984)
Brady Bunch Theme Song – performed by Peppermint Trolley Company (1969-1974)
Hill Street Blues Theme Song – Mike Post f/ Larry Carlton (1981-1987)
Mash Theme Song – composed by Johnny Mandel (1972-1983)
Hawaii 5-0 Theme Song – The Ventures (1968 – 1980)
Cheers Theme Song (Where Everybody Knows Your Name – performed by Gary Portnoy) (1982-1993)
Friends Theme Song (I’ll Be There for You – by The Rembrandts) (1994-2004)
The Munsters Theme Song (1964-1966)
Miami Vice Theme Song – Jan Hammer (1984-1989)
Sopranos Theme Song (Woke Up This Morning – by Alabama 3) (1999-2007)
CSI Miami (Won’t Get Fooled Again – The Who) (2002-2012)
Dukes of Hazzard Theme Song (Good Ol’ Boys – by Waylon Jennings) (1979-1985)
True Blood (Bad Things by Jace Everett) (2008 – Current)
The Jeffersons Theme Song (We’re Movin’ on Up – performed by Ja’net Dubois) (1975-1985)
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Theme Song – Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince (1990 – 1996) ** Listening Note ** Our DJ Iron Mike uses this jam as his signature closing song!

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