Touch DJ by Amidio – Mix on Your iPhone

October 26, 2009 by Mobile Beat

Touch DJ by Amidio Inc is the first and only real MP3 DJ mixing tool available for the iPhone.

Ever wondered why there’s no other decent DJ app? Now you know. Only Touch DJ offers what has been considered technically impossible on this platform – realtime independent precise manipulation of 2 pitched MP3 files at the same time.

This application is not a toy, it’s a completely new way to create stunning DJ mixes whenever you like. You can touch and feel your tracks, move around them, scratch them, EQ them, loop them, pinch them, and mix them without cueing – only by visual control.

All the tracks are frequency-colored (the low-bass parts have different color), to make beatmatching even easier.

Judging by the results, Touch DJ is able to replace hardware worth at least $1000. Moreover, we collaborated with the top dance music provider and give you 25 coolest, fresh dance tracks, so that you will be able to start jamming away instantly.

Look for it in Itunes any day now!

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