Top 30 Safe Songs from the School Dance Network

May 22, 2012 by Ric Hansen

Thanks to Daryl Thomas at 1-800-DISC JOCKEY who had several great ideas to help improve the School Dance Network service, we have added a new column in our TOP 30 safe song list.  From now on, when we add songs to the list we will identify them as being appropriate only for High School aged kids (not middle schoolers).  As you know some songs are safe enough for High School aged kids, but simply are over the top for younger students.  Keep in mind when they are cleared for High Schools it is only if the song has a clean radio edit, not necessarily in its original form.   This week’s adds include “Leave You alone” by Young Jeezy…and that has been cleared for High schoolers only.

Also,if you have a listing in the 1-800-DISC JOCKEY directory, you can now be identified in your listing as a “Responsible DJ” if you are a DJ member of the School Dance Network.  Join Here.

Safe Songs update for May 21, 2012



LW   TW   Artist Title Notes/info Prime Cuts BPM   HS 
7 1 Nicki Minaj Starships References Bud LIte. Edited only 201209 125
6 2 The Wanted Glad You Came 201134 128
3 3 Gym Class Heroes Self  Back Home Re do of “A** back home” 201203 130
17 4 Justin Bieber Boyfriend 201214 97
19 5 Drake /Rihanna Take Care 201150 122
1 6 Kelly Clarkson Stronger 201201 116
5 7 Katy Perry Part of Me 201210 130
4 8 David Guetta/Nicki Minaj Turn Me on Just don’t watch the video
2 9 J. Jessie Domino 201135 127
20 10 One Direction What Makes You Beautiful 201213 129
10 11 Rihanna You Da One 201147 127
9 12 Chris Brown Turn Up The Music 201206 130
14 13 B.O.B So Good Reference to Dominican Beer 201209 86
16 14 Calvin  Harris Feel So Close 201131 64
27 15 Pitbull Back In Time 201214 127
11 16 Flo Rida Good Feelin 201137 128
21 17 Goyte Somebody that I used to Know 201205 129
8 18 Pitbull/w Chris Brown International Love Requires edited version 201140 120
12 19 Rihanna We Found Love 201140 128
24 20 Chris Rene Young Homie 201209 80
13 21 LMFAO Sorry for Party Rockin Play Xtra clean version 201201 134
29 22 Jennifer Lopez Dance Again 201215 128
* 23 Maroon 5 Payphone Wiz Kjalifa 201217 111
15 24 Hot Chelle Rae I Like it Like That  FT-New Boyz 201139 101
28 25 Karmin Broken Hearted 201207 120
* 26 Rihanna Where have you been? 201216 128
* 27 Carly Jepsen Call Me Maybe 201210 120 Yes
* 28 Young Jeezy Leave you alone w/Neyo.  Edit required 201208 95
* 29 David Guetta Titanium
* 30 Calvin  Harris Lets Go w/Neyo
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