Tom Talks Audio: What I Saw At Mobile Beat

February 24, 2010 by Mobile Beat

Tom Talks Audio
What I Saw At Mobile Beat
Tom Freret, the indefatigable National Sales Manager of American Audio, never rests! Even when he’s enjoying himself at the American DJ Customer Appreciation Party at Mobile Beat, Tom is still busy learning. Tom spent a lot of time listening to DJs at our party and the Mobile Beat Show, so he can get a better understanding of where our world is headed in the way of audio. Here is what he learned:

So, did you have a good time in Vegas at Mobile Beat?

“Yes, I always enjoy going to these shows and our Customer Appreciation party was a blast. Every year, these things seem to be more fun. DJs are really like a big extended family, so this was really like a family reunion. But the show was more than a good time; it was a chance for me to learn about our customers and what they want.”

Can you elaborate on that point?

“Sure, when you work in an office and deal with product development teams like I do, you can run the risk of getting out of touch with your customer, the mobile enteratainers and DJs that use our products. These people are the reason we’re in business, so I always want to have a good sense of where they’re at and what they want. I go to clubs and have DJs as friends, I also visit a lot of dealers, but it’s not the same thing as being at a show with hundreds of DJs. It’s just a great learning experience.”

Ok – well what have you learned?

“The thing that jumped out at me is that the age of digital files is here without the shadow of a doubt. DJs are totally comfortable putting their music on SD cards and creating their shows with music software. There’s a comfort level among most DJs with playing, editing and mixing music from your computer that we didn’t see a few short years ago.”

Why do you think the ‘tipping point’ has been reached and there is now such great acceptance of digital performance tools?

“There are a couple of reasons. First, I think DJs and mobile entertainers recognized right from the start that there were tremendous advantages to digital performance tools, such as their compactness – you no longer have to lug CDs around – the access to a larger library, and the ability to manipulate music and sound. Second, I think the user-friendly features in products like our DP2Universal Midi Controller, convinced a lot of DJs that you didn’t need an advanced degree in engineering to go digital, so making the move from playing CDs to digital files looked a lot less scary.”

Can you tell us a little more about the DP2 Universal Midi Controller?

“I’ll be glad to. For starters, it’s a very user-friendly and very versatile digital controller, that we designed specifically to help DJs make a smooth transition from playing CDs to digital files. It really offers the best of both worlds, because it makes it easy to play and mix music from a computer, while still offering the familiar tactile feel of traditional CD player hardware.”

How is it user-friendly?

“Its dual player decks have a layout that’s just like a traditional CD player, with familiar features like a large jog wheel and 4 Hot Cue buttons on each side. The fact that the DP2 has a look and feel that’s familiar to DJs makes it very easy to get used to – in fact, doing things like loading tracks, loops, scratching and adding effects are as easy, if not easier, on the DP2 than they are on a traditional CD player. The DP2 also makes it easy to mix up tracks with its convenient on-board 2-channel digital mixer. In addition to the hardware, the DP2 package includes its own PCDJ DEX LE software, and it will also work with most popular DJ programs. So, it has all the tools a DJ needs for easy professional mixing.”

You mentioned putting a whole night’s worth of music on a single SD card. The SDJ-2 was one of the first products to make this possible for the average DJ, how is this product doing?

“We had a lot of great feedback about the SDJ-2 at the Mobile Beat Show. DJs value the convenience and portability this product offers. They can put their music on an SD card without having to worry about external hard drives, expensive laptops, or complicated software to learn. This system is easy to use, and since it can support high capacity SD cards as well as standard cards, it has the power that any DJ gig will require. Since it combines user-friendliness and powerful performance features, the SDJ-2 is sure to develop a loyal following among DJs – and that’s just what’s happened.”

So, do you plan on attending the Mobile Beat Show next year?

“I sure do – I’ll be there having fun – and learning a lot from my customers.”

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