To the Ceremony and Beyond

July 9, 2013 by Mobile Beat

This whole review can be summarized by what Jake Feldman, my partner in BCP Live, just said here in the office when I asked him about using the Yamaha StagePas 600i over the last couple weeks “The older versions of the Yamaha PAS could be used for ceremonies, but this (the 600i model) system is perfectly meant for ceremonies.” We had the system for a month and took it out on wide variety of events, including an after-prom game show, a wedding ceremony, and a karaoke event for middle schoolers. It excelled in all venues.

The 600i and it’s little bro the 400i are the succesors to the 500 and 300 models. It has been a while since Yamaha has updated these models but it was definitely worth the wait. They added better pole mounts within the speaker cabinets, a whole new mixing/amp system with seven distinct inputs (for a total of 10), a USB mb150_104connection for iPhones or iPads, and more. The look of the system was nicely updated too. Major differences between the 500 and 600i include a growth in amplifier power from 200W to 340W per channel, and an increase in LF speaker size from 8″ to 10″.

In use at the events, we found the sound to be fantastic, and had no feedback problems. We enjoyed being able to use the USB plug directly for better sound coming out of our iPhones. ( That’s rather than 1/8″ plugs; other smartphone users will unfortunately not be able to use this USB port, which is Apple-optimized.) As sound sources, we used anywhere from two to four microphones, plus a karaoke player, along with the iPhones. Another helpful addition, for those times when you need to just set up fast and get the sound flowing, is the 600i’s 1-Knob Master EQ™, which lets you optimize the system for speech, music, or to boost the low end. If you haven’t used the Yamaha STAGEPAS series of portable PAs before, they are definitely worth checking out. Small conveniences like the storage areas in the back of the speakers for the mixer/ amp unit or cables help make life for a mobile DJ a little easier. The case is now sold separately, but looks great and again, is a nice step up from the previous rolling cases. Everything about the STAGEPAS series has clearly been carefully improved by Yamaha’s engineering staff. global/en/products/pasystems/ stagepas_400i600i/


STAGEPAS 600i Portable PA Key Features:

• 680W (340W+340W ) pwr output

• Detachable 10-ch powered mixer (4 mono mic/line + 6 mono / 3 stereo line)

• 2 redesigned 10″ speakers

• iPod/iPhone USB connection

• SPX digital reverbs

• feedback suppressor

• 3-band channel EQs + 1-Knob Master EQ™

• Switchable stereo/ mono inputs

• Phantom power

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