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August 4, 2015 by Geoff Carlisle

One huge market that has a lot of potential is the College Market.1129_wellesley-college_485x340

There are several departments, groups & organizations that need your services. Let start with the main ones:

Greek Life – Fraternities & Sororities- They have monthly mixers that are usually on Thursday nights. The budgets for these are small & you might not want to mess with them but it’s a great place to train new DJs. They also have Spring & Winter Formals that have a much larger budget! Don’t go full steam thinking that you need to provide the DJ for these events. Providing lighting & Photo Booth for a Sorority Formal can be great revenue.

Student Life / Student Activities – These organizations are made up of students that plan many events throughout the semester for the general student body. From comedians & DJ Parties to Ethnic Diversity programs to Concerts. You may not be at a level to plan a huge concert but you can create a Trivia Night for Black History Month, maybe a Glow Party for Homecoming or a Paint Party for Back to School Week

Housing – The Director of Housing is interested in providing Fun events that encourage the current residents to stay after the semester is over. We have provided Karaoke, DJ Parties, Trivia Contest & Giant Outdoor Movies. Some campuses have multiple dorms & want different activities around each dorm.

Athletics – The Athletics Department is interested on how to add value to their sponsors. Pregame photo ops with the mascot could be a great way to get a foot in the door. (Text 2 Win during time outs at the football, baseball or basketball games) We have even played music during the time outs of sporting games.

Alumni Association – They are always looking for ways to pump up their alumni before the game in their pregame tent. Karaoke, DJ, Trivia, Contest are always good. What about the games that are away? How about projecting the game on a giant screen for everyone to watch.

These are just a few of the groups on college campuses that are in need of your services. Be creative in your approach. Ask what they have done in the past, ideas that they have thought of & add your creative touch to hit it out of the park!

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